How are you getting your blog noticed?

When I found this thread in the IFB forums by WORD by Jessie, and through all the ‘follow me and I'll follow you' business, one thing is clear… IFB'ers are interested in building traffic. If they weren't, they wouldn't be looking for ways to gain followers. How do you get your blog noticed? I keep thinking back to what I did and what I do to build traffic and throughout the tips and tricks that seem to always change (anyone remember blog carnivals?) most of the strategies I have adopted in the beginning have remained in tact. So I asked on Twitter what you did to get noticed… and you answered:



While many of you had tips that involved going to events, meeting bloggers in real life, engaging in local social networks, Facebook, Twitter, posting only three times a week, or only once a day, etc. With all the tweets we got, there was an overall theme to how bloggers got their blogs noticed:


There is nothing like visiting a blog that you could tell someone put their heart and soul into creating it. When a blogger really is really enthusiastic and works hard at creating their voice and translating it into the digital space the possibilities are endless. I've seen it happen time and time again. Perhaps the trick is to stay enthusiastic and true to your voice over a long period of time. Authenticity is probably the hardest thing to quantify and achieve, because, let's face it… life happens… when a blog becomes a business, there are days when a blogger isn't feeling it (who has their A game on every day?) and very few in the social media industry has a formula for making a sustainable living, there are a lot of experiments some of them good and some of them need work.

However, this issue has come up quite a bit lately in the blogging community, particularly with the rise of insincere comments, emails that look and feel spammy, authenticity could be described as commenting when you really have something to say. Engaging in a way that you really love to engage. Write what you really love to write. As much as you can, anyway.

Sometimes I think authenticity is a suggestion to a publisher half for the readers, but also half for their own sanity and sense of fulfillment. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing something you love succeed.



A blogger can do all the promoting in the world, but if the content is lifeless, it'll go nowhere. Focus on creating content that inspires you and is useful to your readers, and keep pushing it to the next level. I've been going through some stuff with The Coveted over the last year and a few months ago, I decided to rethink my content and really push it as much as possible. It's had such a positive effect on the traffic, that I can't say enough how much fun it's been creating better content and seeing the results. Content will get you noticed, so don't get lost in the next tip…



One of my favorite examples of engagement is Bryan Boy. His twitter feed is such a joy to follow because it feels like you're hanging out while he goes throughout his day, and his enthusiasm seems endless.Β  Engaging on a regular basis, especially when things get busy can be tough, but it's always good to engage, whether it be through commenting, email, twitter, facebook whatever… being accessible is part of what makes a blog different from a magazine. It's the personal touch that makes social media special, so be there for your readers, you'll get more out of it than getting noticed.


What other ways do you get your blog noticed? What is the most important?

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  1. Anika

    Hi Jennine, this is such a great post! I completely agree with the points the tweeters and you make. I follow the same outline, I try to stay original, true and engaging. I love blogging on so many levels, and my genuine interest and love for my fellow bloggers and readers is at the core of that. Actively taking part and contributing to blogger communities is key I believe. I approach fellow bloggers and readers the same way I do friends outside the bloggersphere, with respect and interest that comes from the heart.

    Happy weekend!

    x Anika

  2. Corrine/Frock & Roll

    1) Jennine, I LOVE this post!

    2) I couldn’t agree more.

    3) I think successful blogging (and successfully getting noticed) is achieved in the same way that almost everything else is achieved in the business world: through authenticity (as you outlined!), passion, hard work, and at the end of the day, a fantastic product (or content).

    Excellent stuff!

  3. 2gitanas

    For me a blog is like a personal magazine. You follow a blog cause you like its content and you enjoy the pictures.You identify with the writer and its general fashion. I feel that there has to be a combination between authenticity, quality pics and good and entertaining writing, one that the reader can get to know the blogger. Thanks for this wonderful piece of info!!

  4. Ashe Mischief

    So timely, as always! All three of these points are so closely intertwined– and it makes think about asking yourself how your content is authentic and engaging?

    For example (and I’m not trying to pick on anyone!): if you post nothing but editorials without any commentary– how are you being authentic to yourself? Are you saying anything about those images? Could a reader thing you’re posting them because you hate them or have an issue with them? What could you say about them?

    Alix Rose does a nice job of this, compiling editorials that are built around a theme, talking about that theme, and how it relates to her own current desires in fashion! It’s engaging and authentic because it’s her– and it directly impacts her content!

  5. marni

    such a timely post jennine! a friend and i had lunch yesterday before she headed off to a blogging camp to observe and learn from a well known design blogger how to do just what you speak of. i believe if you are authentic and invest yourself 100% into your writing it’s only natural to have the urge to increase your following. that is the point where i am at this moment. i love making connections. it’s one of the most fulfilling feelings to read comments and see that people are enjoying reading what i have to say. conversely, i love following links and making new discoveries from one blog to the next and commenting on them. interaction and engagement are going to be my next focus! i appreciate these tips.
    thank you! marni

  6. Madeleine Gallay

    Beautiful, true, yes yes yes.

    I’ve meant to (arggh, why not do do do) blog about something rather scheming that I hope no IFB bloggers bother with.

    There are now one or two that I’ve been solicited by, likely many more, service to promote your blog for a fee. It’s about as relevant as those so nasty model searches, for a fee.

    Don’t go there!!!

  7. Trisha

    As always, such an informative post Jennine. I couldn’t agree more about authenticity – I’ve been trying to build my blog and the one thing I keep asking myself before any post is – ‘is this really me ?’. It wouldn’t be satisfying to post any other way !

  8. Fumiko Kawa

    great views!
    I love blogging and share all the contents which I love and my readers do.

    Blogging with creativity, sharp views of your own in the fashion industry and the most important, you must love what you are do right now.. it could help you to create the best post through what you love in your life.

    I love my blog, my web store, my fashion design/redesign and my readers too..
    all make me to keep improving!

  9. insheepsclothes

    Wholeheartedly agree with this post. I’ve been trying to take my blog to the next leve, participating on social fashion sites like Chictopia and Weardrobe. I think it is important to stay true to yourself and not compare yourself to other bloggers. After all, readers should want to follow you for your own personal style.

    I definitely need to get out there more and be more visible in social media and commenting on my favorite blogs. Taking it one day at a time!

  10. Liz

    I’d also say that it takes time…

    I’ve built a bunch of blogs all of which have been reasonably successful, but in most cases, that success hasn’t come until I spent 8-16 months in the trenches doing the work.

    Organic traffic is king, and that takes time to build.

    Getting that history behind you is also what buys you legitimacy and eventually the notice of the bigger sites; a single well-time post on a larger site can get you an instant boost of traffic and new long readers.

  11. YUMMommy

    I agree that just being yourself will get you a lot further than pretending to be someone you’re not when it comes to blogging and attracting readers. I can’t stand going to a blog that sounds so rehearsed and unoriginal!

  12. justine ariel

    This is something that I have struggled with, because I typically don’t like to network and/or go to blog conferences. Mainly because I don’t have time; I’m a student, and I also have a job photographing museum exhibits and events.

    The best thing, I think, is just to keep writing, keep publishing, keep drawing… There are days when only 3 people show up on my site stats; but that’s ok, because I know the content is good and true to my style. Eventually, I think, people catch on – and if they don’t, I still like to post and share things.

    I think there is a big difference between people who post for popularity and people who just love what they do.

    Here’s another vote for authenticity!! πŸ˜‰

  13. the fashion turd

    I just try to be me! Keeping a distinctive voice and style that is unmistakably ‘the fashion turd’ and not dishing out second hand content/endless runway pics/generic news like so many blogs seem to do!

  14. lisa

    You’ve summed it up very well in a nutshell, Jennine. The flip side of this is that being untrustworthy or inauthentic, putting up poor content, and not responding to readers and followers will alienate your audience…it’s the list of what not to do.

  15. Sabina

    Great points here. Especially about the importance of authentic interaction because the spammy
    “great blog follow me check out my giveaway” comments definitely seem to be on the rise in the fashion blogosphere.

    That said I admit to leaving some generic comments on others’ blogs sometimes, like “Fabulous shoes” or “great outfit” but only when I mean it of course. The truth is sometimes I feel like a short comment or one that might sound like a broken record after 20 similar comments have been left before it is still better than no comment. It lets the blogger know that you are in fact paying attention and you do check out their stuff and like it. Well… as long as it isn’t followed by some self-serving advertorial about your own blog!

  16. Alisha Ross

    Completely agree about content. Sometimes I stumble across blogs, where I’ve had someone be desperate for me to follow them (i.e. millions of comments on my blog, “love your blog, follow me?”). But when I get there the blog is just not to my taste, or lacking in any substantial content that I care about. I think interaction and authenticity are great for getting your blog out there, but if your content is lacking, then theres not much else you can do. Its like building a house without the foundations.

  17. Julius Carl

    Everything here is so helpful! Bryan boy interacts with people well, yes! I’m just new with blogging and I hope it will all turn out well! x

  18. Dorothee

    thinking about great styles & pictures but after all you need TIME ! If you don’t have much time you cannot do great posts !

    Think ahead and stay tuned with bloggers like you ! xx

  19. Monica

    Agree with all posted! And yes life happens, loved that you pointed that out. Not alway on my A game & thus don’t post on those days because I know it will be lacking enthusiasm.

  20. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    Great Post! Blogging about what you are truly passionate will get you noticed, but it’s consistency and professionalism that will keep them coming back! πŸ™‚

    I think it’s very important to join forums and community groups of similar interests and build your network while building your brand!

  21. viviane

    really well said! the most important thing next to running a successful blog is having fun with what you are writing, isn’t it?

  22. Sharon Langert

    thanks for that I’m relatively new but I do put so much into my blog and I would love to get more followers without spamming. I think we just have to encourage each other and engage each other…love the comment about how no blog is an island!

  23. Brooke

    Good advice. I always enjoy your articles and find myself nodding in agreement as I read!
    I do all of the above but still find it difficult to gain ‘followers’ and have people interact with comments and on Facebook. But my stats say people are reading so I keep plodding along, doing what I’m doing and enjoying myself really.
    I’ve said it before and will say it again though; I loathe those spam comments and emails I receive saying ‘follow me and I follow you back’. And my latest favourite is ‘I’m following you, follow me back’ when they’re not following me. Do they think I won’t notice! *lol

  24. Dushky

    I really enjoyed reading this article, and I found it to be helpful but at the same time I noticed I was doing some of the things above without realising it. So thank you for making it clearer now! πŸ™‚

  25. Dayner

    Totally agree. I think so many people get it a bit wrong at first… and don’t take the time to do their research and learn more about the blogging community and how it works!

    Patience is a valid point too. Time will help you build a following. Even the biggest blogs started with 0 followers, you have to write your amazing blog to the highest standard even if no one is reading… because if it’s good, in time, they will! πŸ™‚

  26. Melissa

    I really enjoyed this post, and I don’t sure don’t have the key to success but I believe its all about posting about what you love and not getting too agitated if your blog doesn’t become popular as quickly as you thought it would

  27. Sandy

    This post is such a great reminder to constantly improve my blog. Constantly look for new material and push out more creative content. Thank you!

  28. Mode Plus

    Thank you for sharing. What I find hard to do is balancing authenticity with exciting content. Like you said the trick is to believe your voice is valuable enough to be heard on a longer haul. I’m still finding my way to stay true to me and interesting for readers at the same time.

  29. Agnesiga

    Thanks for the great and practical info (yet again).
    Latvia, where I live and write my blog, is even tinier than Sweden:) Then again – here you don’t get those annoying “read me-follow me” comments.

  30. FashionGeeksta

    I seriously love when I receive and email of IFB with this kind of post, I always learn so much.
    I personally apply all this tips and believe that the last one is so important, because is not only about creating a lot of traffic to your blog but also making those readers to love what you create and to make that happen engagement is essential :]

  31. Style Island

    I really like the topic and post as well as a lot of the comments. and after reading, I clicked and checked out the coveted, and shortly thereafter, subscribed, b/c I really like it. I joined ifb about a month ago, and I started my blog in January. I am very passionate about it, and my dream is to turn it into a business, a lifestyle fashion website that people read every day – but it’s so hard to get real traffic- and I do okay, but I’m greedy, and want more!! πŸ™‚ I find it’s really hard to stand out, even if you are creative, b/c there are a million and one fashion, etc blogs, and there is a LOT of creativity– I have found that most of the successful fashion blogs seem to post lots of amazing and pretty pictures, but not much copy. so I have specified my niche as more writing about style, and stories, etc…
    But how do you really grow your audience?
    And I am also wondering- how do you get your foot in the door to get invited to all those fabulous events, that everyone says helps to grow traffic– that’s great- but how do you get the invites?
    thanks- look forward to being on IFB more, and meeting more bloggers!

  32. liz

    these are good points, but on IFB it is rather difficult to weed through all the blog spam. also, the “follow me and i’ll follow you back” idea really bothers me. when i have time, i check out some of the blogs that i get messaged about, but i want followers that are genuinely interested in what i’m posting, not just trying to increase their own traffic.

    maybe there could be categories on here? original content, inspiration, outfit pictures, other people’s fashions. idk.

  33. Lou Jones

    Let’s face it, without viewers, what’s the point in blogging if no-one is coming to your blog? The only option is to spend time building up your audience & be prepared to work hard at it in the long-term.
    You also need to focus hard on your content – you need to give people a reason to keep coming back to your blog.
    I also think it’s important to respond to comments on your posts, and not just Accept them. If someone has taken the time to comment, that is a huge compliment to you, so your response is a chance to thank them. Good manners go far but are very often overlooked in the virtual world. πŸ™‚

  34. Marusya V

    Agree – authentic content rules! re; example with Brian Boy – disagree. i followed him for a week and then had to stop as there is no use for me (personally) in such information like what he eats, drinks and where he’s goes. I am on Twitter to share truly interesting info + socializing with others… not talking about my sandwich LOL

  35. prutha

    I think I follow all the points mentions in the article. I stress way too much on original content. infact all the pics on my blog are taken for my blog by me or my photographer friends [whom i dont may..they help me cause they believe in me and my blog]…

    but often times i till wonder how some blogs still get a lot more traffic than mine. here r a few things ive discovered

    1] some bloggers have connections in the fashion industry or hire PR firms to promote overnight they become famous and start having crappy shoe lines of their own. its true.. i guess u have to have money for that to spend. but i truly believe that this kind of fame is short lived cause how will u sustain yourself if u truly dont have the talent to keep going.

    2] a lot of times the content is imp. by that what i mean is if ur style is more universal and something everybody will like, like a j.crew or aa catalogue ur always gonna do better than ppl who are a lot more experimental and prefer ugly pretty just cause its more creative to them [im one of them]. ppl who like to experiment will just have to find their own target/ niche audience of followers who appreciate their effort of creating art or not following trends etc..they r out there…just that u may find 1 out of every 10 commnents u make maybe reciprocated with a follow.

    3] i dont believe in follow me ill follow u back.. just seems superficial.. ill follow anyone whos work i truly like…and i expect the same from my followers

    4] if ur a little on the larger side [which i am and seriously i DO NOT HAVE ANY INSECURITTIES ABOUT IT.. this is just an honest opinion and observation] u will just have to wait twice as long to be considered as a true ambasador for any serious products, brands or clients. ur not going to see posters of urself on buses or anyhere anytime soon…so just make peace with that, keep ur chin up and enjoy the process of being loved by your followers and creating art thru ur blog…

    • katie

      A lot of good points here, thanks for bringing them into the conversation!

      I really agree that some people must have connections etc in the fashion industry &/or money – one blog i really, really like is Chiara Ferragini’s one, some stunning photography & lovely, lovely products – but most of us are doing 9 to 5 jobs middle-class & cannot afford the latest hermes products to photograph! On the other hand, kudos to her for taking her time to post very frequently & being creative – but i’m so jealous of all her connections/funding opportunities!

      in response to bloggers being on the larger side – again, i think the concept of a “standard pretty” comes into it too – you don’t have to be conventionally beautiful, but i do think a lot of the successful fashion bloggers are aesthetically pleasing to the eye (again – this isn’t a fault or envy, just an observation!)

      katie x

  36. Amber

    This is one of my biggest weaknesses. I blast my blogazine on twitter, facebook, and tumblr but I don’t get as much followers or comments as I would like. One thing I can say I don’t do much is hand out my business card because I am extremely shy. Def something I need to work on!

  37. Ozio Media

    While there are many ways to get a blog noticed, one fundamental that noone should forget about is the quality of content in your blog. If you’re not providing your readers with posts that have value and benefit them, all your efforts to increase traffic to your blog will be for nothing. With that being said, a fun way to get your blog noticed is to take part in a blog hop.

  38. Katie

    Definitely a great post! I don’t really have anything much to add, what I do was summed up pretty well. I interact with my readers, and leave comments on blogs in sincerely enjoy reading. There aren’t a lot of blogging events where I live (New England) but I’m always on the lookout. And, of course, I blog about things I like, and like to read about on other blogs. Although I am fairly new to blogging and do not have a lot a readers/traffic as of right now, I don’t let myself get bothered by that. All those “follow me, I’ll follow you” groups and mass mails are something I refused to participate in from the very beginning. Some people get so caught up in what they’re GFC counter says, it’s ridiculous. Funny thing is though, usually those blogs that solely go by “follow me, I’ll follow you” are wiped off the face of the earth (or internet) within a few weeks.

  39. Nicole

    I just wanted to say thanks for a great post on this topic. While I’m not new to blogging, my newest project is different (I think I’m more emotionally attached to it!) I don’t really care about hits that much, but it is nice to feel the love sometimes πŸ™‚

    Great blog.

  40. Yen

    Amazing post. I am finding out my way to get connected. I believe that the content, consistence and passion will help me succeed. Your post encouraged me more than before. Thank you

  41. Kimmiepooh

    Every day I’m working on content, interacting with my readers, and reaching out to other bloggers, whether it’s via comments on the sites I’m visiting, RT’ing/Liking other’s posts, or connecting with people while I’m out.

    You have to build relationships with people if you want your blog to grow. I can’t see it happening any other way.

  42. Casie

    Awesome post. I swear every time I visit IFB I leave totally inspired with tons of ideas to make my blog better. Thanks! Youre the best

  43. Monica // crossthat

    I think this is really true. I mean, at the end, when you strip away everything, the three points are what blogging is really about. Presenting the real you to the world, telling people something interesting that they have not heard and interacting with the world around you.

  44. Tiffany

    I definitely agree with Fashionably Ashley! Attending local events is a great way to build a following and get your name out there!

  45. Polly

    Thanks for your tips on getting noticed. I’m pretty new to this so it’s really helpful when people share their experience.

  46. Arv

    I’ve realized that it does take quite some time for people to find your blog and to get it noticed but if you’re really dedicated to it I’m pretty sure that you will soon get people who are interested in your blog.
    Follow me

  47. Nicola Matheous

    Couldn’t agree more with all of the above tips, there’s nothing worse than meaningless ‘follow my blog’ comments. Take note bloggers it will get you nowhere!

    Much love XOXO

  48. Aya

    These are really fantastic tips. I’ve been looking for ways to bring new readers over to Werk It Daily!

  49. Sabrina

    Brilliant tips! Couldn’t agree more, i personally have a quite popular fashion blog but im hoping to take it on to the next level, hoping to get noticed by more popular fashion bloggers and designers… someday! Check me out: