Mobile Blogging In Fashion Is The Next Big Thing

On New Year's Eve for 2011, I wrote a list of predictions of the ‘Evolution' for fashion bloggers in 2011… on the list was mobile blogging, without really knowing how it would manifest my actual routines as a blogger. Five months later, I'm finding that mobile blogging is an essential part of my daily life. For years, I've been using Twitter as the main vehicle for live coverage, but these days tools like Instagram makes it easier to add beautiful photography to the conversation, which in fashion, plays an important role as it's such a visual field.


Why now?

Simply put, the tools make it simple to do. The last thing you want to do is be disconnected with your surroundings when you're on the go. Tools like smart phones, (I use the iPhone.. 3GS) enable you to be connected to the internet anywhere you can get reception. A few years ago, someone asked why I did not “live blog,” and the most straight forward answer is that mobile image quality was too poor to use for a post on a blog that heavily relied on imagery. It's practically impossible be present and simultaneously take photos with an SLR, download them to my laptop, find a wifi connection, get connected, upload my photos to the computer, edit the photos, upload them to the blog, write a paragraph or two, tag everything post and distribute the post. Holy moly, that list just gave me a headache. I'm sure those of you who attempted ‘live blogging' with quality posts have experienced the same headache.


When You Can't Bring Your Regular Gear

These days, apps like Instagram, it makes it easy to mobile blog, as all you need is an iPhone, and you can take great photos and share them with your readers instantaneously. A few weeks ago I was really put to the test when attending Coachella, an event that did not allow SLRs, and not owning a point and shoot… my mobile phone was the only way I could share with my readers the experience of the event. As the festival unfolded, I shared with my readers stylish people, fun things and when everything was done, I had enough quality material to make a post for the blog.

Event Coverage: Improving the Conversation on External Social Networks

Last night I went to the Missoni x Haviannas event. Like a good blogger, I brought my regular camera for a full post, but to include my readers on a live conversation mobile blogging is a good way to do that while gathering information for more in-depth coverage. Within communities like Instagram, the social interaction is notable:


Give Your Readers a More Personal Perspective

Lastly, mobile blogging is probably the best way to include your readers in your life behind the scenes. For content that really doesn't go on your blog yet still notable enough to share with your readers.. I find that mobile blogging is the best way to do that. Twitter used to be the main way I shared with my readers, little snippets of my consciousness, but I'm actually more of a visual person than a verbal one so sharing the beautiful things I see on a daily basis is a nice way to give my readers a more personal perspective. It's one thing to tweet: “Pink tulips on Park Avenue are beautiful.” It's another thing to tweet: “Pink tulips on Park Avennue” and show them this…


Mobile Blogging Won't Replace Regular Blogs:

When Twitter became popular, people announced the death of blogs. I don't think that's going to happen when mobile blogging becomes easier. It's still important to hash out ideas that take more space than 140 characters. However, like Twitter and Facebook, microblogging adds depth to your brand and might bring a surprising development to the relationship with your readers.


Have you been mobile blogging more lately?

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  1. Madeleine Gallay

    CameraBag is a pretty amazing iPhone ap with filters built in for anything from a silver gel to black n white to magazine style. Very cool.

    CamZoom is exactly that … amazing photos, even of clouds rolling by.

    My SLR is collecting dust with its very serious glass. In the hand ..

  2. lei ann

    great article, jennine! i like using twitter/twitpic to enhance the blogging relationship. cell phone or tablet photos that may never see the light of day in a full-blown post can still be shared & contribute to the conversation. plus, it’s so easy…click, share, tweet, DONE ^_^

  3. Christy

    I do a lot of mobile blogging for event coverage and Instagram fits perfectly in with that. For example at all 3 New Orleans Fashion Weeks I snapped shots from the runway & included backstage photos. It was fun since people who couldn’t attend would comment back. The only downside to live blogging is that it oftentimes feels like work vs. just enjoying the event. That said it is still something I like to do, just don’t forget to use hashtags if you are using twitter!

  4. Madison

    I am a huge fan of mobile blogging, which is how I do most of my blogging. I’m looking forward to using my Instagram app more, something that I’ve been meaning to use for blogging,especially if I goto events. Great post!

  5. Camille

    Instagram is pretty useful. But I think of it as a more unedited stream of everyday life – in a lovely filtered way. Compared to that blogging still requires a lot of hard work.

  6. Dress Me Magazine

    Mobile blogging doesn’t provide you with the same ability to edit the html and what not. That is not to say I do not view it as a valuable resource and use it from time to time!

  7. Mer

    Great article Jen. I am microblogging privately, just experimenting, and slowly adding it to my blog. Instagram is a key element, let’s see when we get fed up with the “vintage” look of the pictures, though. Tumblr is getting more and more important too.


  8. Emily

    Great post! I am totally beginning to embrace mobile blogging. I used to tweet a lot on the go – now I try to tweet pics too as I think it is much more engaging 🙂

  9. Jessica

    I have FINALLY an iphone so I fully intend to do a lot of mobile blogging over the summer! Are there any other sights you recommend aside from instagram and twitter??

  10. Dayner

    I think it’s the obvious next step… I wouldnt edit a blog post on the go but twitter is perfect, I couldn’t be without my iPhone now! 🙂

    Dayner x

  11. FashionGeeksta

    Mobile blogging is a great way to increase the communication with your readers, to know them better and have a really good feedback.
    Could be an event or even the if you are shopping, I found it really helpful when it comes to tell my readers about any offers and that kind of stuff :]

  12. Kristina

    I think mobile blogging is very interesting. Sadly the good smart phones are still very expensive in Switzerland. But it’s really woth to consider mibile blogging as an aspect when buying a new phone…


  13. Casee Marie

    This was absolutely fascinating, and confirmation that I need to invest in a smartphone. I thought about going for the iPhone 3GS considering the great price right now, but I worried it might eventually become irrelevant as they continue to release new versions. I’m glad to know you have one and enjoy it!