Networking Posture: Blogger Interaction Guide

by Miguel José Vieira of Beyond Fabric


One of the most satisfying things about blogging, besides granting you the opportunity to express yourself, is how you instantly become a part of a huge networked community. It comes to no surprise that a considerable amount of your readers/followers are bloggers themselves, who in their search for inspiration and/or knowledge, find an interesting read in your blog.


As you keep adding content to your website, interaction is bound to happen: be it in the form of questions from your readers or emails from other bloggers, websites or brands. As I see it, one should be flattered when someone takes the time to contact him/her; it just shows that the person holds your work in such account that is willing to go through all the trouble. Besides, connecting with other bloggers is one of the best ways to expand your readers, establish your place in the community and promote the exchange of ideas and experiences.


I, for one, am thankful to a handful of bloggers (and IFB, of course) for helping me get started, providing tips and feedback and even blog content through guest posting. However, as most of you may have already experienced, not all bloggers have this kind of positive response to contacts. Taking into account that a blog is nothing without its followers, and the benefits that may come from networking, I can’t cease to be amazed by the posture of some of our peers.


As such, how should you “behave” when interacting in the blogosphere?



As I see it, your blog is an extension of yourself; hence, your manners and posture online should reflect those of your everyday life. Being respectful and overall nice is the least that’s expected from you and whoever you talk to.  There’s no need for overly formal language nor dramatic niceness as it may be interpreted as false and unauthentic;


Always reply

I mean always! Even if a few days have passed. If someone takes the time to write to you, you should do the same and write back. It’s not that time consuming and you won’t come off as a rude or self-centered.  Even if your response is negative, let them know: it’s a whole lot better to be turned down than ignored;


Be humble

I believe this is one of the best advices I’ve ever been given, and it applies to all aspects of life. No matter how successful a blogger you’ve become, keep in mind that you had to start from scratch, like some of those who may contact you. Sometimes I get a feeling that bloggers are afraid others will take advantage of their success; success doesn’t come easy, and if you ve achieved it, chances are you’re talented and hard working. No one can take that away from you. If someone asks you for a guest post or opinion on a certain topic, give him/her the benefit of the doubt: check his/her work and then decide.


Keep an open mind

Don’t underestimate what you might learn, or grow as a blogger through sharing ideas and experiences. Each day more and more people put themselves out there, it’s likely that some will share your interests and have different perspectives. Also, don’t discard projects, which, at first, may seem off your comfort zone: sometimes those are the ones that make you evolve the more.


image by Jennine Jacob / The Coveted Instagram



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14 Responses

  1. Camille

    It means a lot to get to hear from other people. Even though I think it’s difficult to get followers and regular readers. It’s nice how the people you met when you just started is still with you.

  2. Joy

    Well said. So far, the people that I keep in touch with on IFB are not just talented but genuinely wonderful bloggers. They’re becoming more successful by the minute and it’s because they care about their readers by taking the time to acknowledge their comments and praises. So, good for them! And thanks for this great post 🙂

  3. Daniel Dunt

    This is fantastic- Personally, I always try and welcome each and every blogger here at Independent Fashion Bloggers, introducing both myself and my blog. If I receive an email from a blogger, brand or project manager- I always try and follow up on the email, even if I have no interested whatsoever! My favorite tip is, treat fellow bloggers as friends- cause they can help you a lot!

  4. Cate

    When I first started out, I reached out to several bloggers I admired and asked for advice. I also wanted to let them know that I appreciated their work, as I now knew how much effort goes into keeping a up blog. I heard back from only 1 person. Although frustrating, it was a good lesson never to leave someone else hanging, no matter how busy I get.

  5. WendyB

    Can I add, “Stop begging people to follow you by putting four links to your blog/twitter/giveaway/facebook in your comments.”

    The links become more noticeable than anything you have to say and are redundant because the info is already in the form….

  6. Zoobia

    This is great advice, and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve had my blog for over 3 years now, but lately, I’ve been thinking about increasing my blog network. I’m going to try these suggestions and see what happens 🙂

    Thanks for posting this!

  7. Tymbre Armstead

    So glad you did this post! I’ve contacted a few popular bloggers and asked for advice, as well as expressed my liking for their work .. and haven’t heard back from til this day. I think some bloggers are beginning to think they are celebs and are so “busy” that they cannot acknowledge you, it’s sad. I began to look at them in a different light, am I caring too much? lol


  8. Adiel

    Thank you for this post! It’s so nice to see the things I am doing reinforced and I like hearing the opinion that you should respond to a comment even if it has been a while. I found a few old comments when cleaning out my email today and wasn’t sure what to do. You answered my unasked question with perfect timing! Thanks again!

  9. Eva | Dressful

    Lovely tips, I especially agree with the idea of always replying to comments, though time-wise it’s probably the hardest of all!

  10. Roan

    i couldn’t agree more on these tips! Just be good to others and to yourself. 🙂

  11. Beyond Fabric

    Thank you all so much for the support and sharing your own thoughts on the subject!

    Hope it’s been useful,



  12. Andrew

    It really is a tough balance to strike.

    Being a part of a community without badgering that community, asking for help without bothering others, giving honest feedback without seeming rude or overly direct.

    The best you can strive for is to be yourself, be decent and honest, and hope that others recognize you for what you are.