Disenchanted? Alternative Tips & Tricks to Start Blogging Again

Image by Alun Salt

It happens to the best of us, and often at the worst times.  Writer's block.  A creative loss.  Disenchantment with blogging.  When you start blogging, the world is fresh and new– you are a fountain of ideas and everything is an inspiration.


The longer you stay in blogging, the more hurdles and obstacles you encounter.  Maybe you get married.  Switch jobs.  Have a child.  Start school.  Major life decisions, and the minor ones too, can have a crazy impact on your ability to blog.  Add on top of it the desire to continue blogging through all the hardships– and you're quickly on your way to burning out.  IFB has some great posts on beating burnout– such as Beating Blogger Burnout from Vahni and Burnout Aversion Tips from Bloggers from Jennine.


But what about when you become just a bit disenchanted with blogging?  When you feel uninspired to write and uninspired by what you're reading in the community?  Maybe you've been blogging a long time at this point, and you feel that you've said all you have to say.


  • Stop Reading Fashion Blogs. Crazy, right?  Recently Grechen wrote an amazing post, “Why I Stopped Reading Fashion Blogs,” and the response of those in agreement was staggering. The fact is, the more fashion blogs you read, the more saturated you become with the same information.  Reading the same content over and over won't inspire you.  If you find you're uninspired by the blogs you're reading, take a step back.  Unsubscribe from them all.  Go back to those you miss.  You'll thank yourself for it.
  • Find Inspiration Elsewhere.  I'm not just talking about going to the mall or reading fashion magazines.  Or maybe I am saying to read a fashion magazine or go to the mall.  Look at your life.  How do you shop? (I shop online.)  If you shop online, GO to the mall.  See what people are wearing, how they interact with products.  Do you spend all of your time watching sci-fi? Watch a historical romance.  Do the costumes move you?  Find a new genre of blogs to read.  Check out mommy blogs or tech blogs for inspiration on how to write about products.  Visit lifestyle & positive thinking sites for new ways to energize yourself.  Jump outside of your comfort zones.
  • Challenge Your Writing Skills. Sign up to take a writing class, or a poetry class.  Pick up copies of Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit or Writing Down the Bones.  Look up writing challenges and force yourself to do one daily.  Improving your writing skills can always challenge your mind and style as a writer.
  • Experiment with Post Formats.  Whenever I'm in a rut, I turn back to my Problogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook.  Like challenging my writing skills, I find that shaking up the ways I write my posts helps significantly challenge the way I'm thinking.
  • Write Something Else. I doubt any member of IFB is solely and exclusively interested in fashion and fashion alone.  If you're disenchanted with writing for your own blog, write for someone else.  Write about local events for that hip local blog.  Write about the films you recently watched for a film blog.  I know that, when I'm down and out on Dramatis Personae, my weekly post at IFB can be the break and change my mind needs.


If all else fails, and you're feeling more disenchanted than ever… ask yourself if blogging is what you really want.  Ask yourself why you keep blogging.  Are you hoping for a six figure salary from blogging?  Do you want to be the next Rumi Neely? Is it the community (which is a fab one)? You can interact with the community still, even without a blog.  If you're holding on to unrealistic goals, then maybe it's time to let go.  If there's a burning desire in your stomach that you can't quench, then you should push forward.



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  1. Camille

    Being disenchanted with blogging is hard for those who have just started. How can you write something interesting if you feel that no one reads your blog? I find inspiration everywhere but it becomes difficult to express it in words. I hope to work hard on that. Interesting how one should stop reading fashion blogs. Overload of information is a bad thing for creative writing I suppose

    • Ashe Mischief

      The only advice for that I have, Camille, is that in the beginning blog for yourself! Write what makes you happy, what inspires you… and the readers will follow. Gaining readers in the beginning is hard, but a strong spirit and willingness to write when no one else is around makes you stronger as a blogger.

  2. Fajr | Stylish Thought

    Very good points, especially finding inspiration elsewhere and writing about your other interests. It helps to take your mind off of fashion and come back fresh.

    • thealteredangel

      I’m just burnt out on vintage fashion blogging. I sell it wear it live it but lately I can’t even write a word on any of my vintage jewelry history pieces. I’ve been Tweeting though to a sweet fashionista in the UK. She is a senior in fashion merchandising & I have been giving her some encouragement for her future in retail hell. I say it’s just a stepping stone to starting her own biz in the future. I even got an @ mention from Goldie Hawn at Twitter on my @Sharlotte_63 which gave me a huge shot in the arm. I say write online,offline,any lines. I even wrote a snail mail letter to a friend up in northern ca. who isn’t even online & doesn’t even have a cellphone. Life does exist outside my art studio & sometimes it’s good to turn off your cell,PC & all media for just a day & read a good real sweet musty smelling old book! I recommend “The Outline of History” by H.G. Wells. Pubished by MacMillan……

  3. HauteWorld

    I think burnout or disentchantment is only natural, especially as most of us have a busy life, but the points you made are very good. I’ve found that reading less fashion blogs (especially the superblogs) definitely helps and I became more motivated when I decreased the amount of posts I made. I was putting myself under too much pressure by posting every day which just lead to a lack of motivation and it also meant I ran out of blogging material much faster. Also, from what I’ve observed, bloggers who rarely post unique content will experience a burnout faster, simply because rehashing stuff that’s already online isn’t something that will keep you inspired for long.

    • Ashe Mischief

      You make so many super important points, babe! I’ve found that I’m more motivated to post, too, when I keep myself on a lighter schedule… especially with a crazy day life!

  4. Rach is Ordinarily Urbane

    What a great post, Ashe! I definitely find that just stepping away from my computer and living life really invigorates my creativity. There also seems to be a lot of pressure to fit within a certain bubble – fashion + food or local fashion for example – but I think the fun of blogging about fashion is exploring our other interests that influence our life and, in turn, out style. It’s all relevant because it makes us who we are as bloggers.

    • AsheMischief

      Yes, Rach, I totally agree! One of the things I find so interesting about bloggers is when we do get those extra peeks in to their lives… whether it’s a meal, their messy closet, their cabinets….. it’s all fuel that reminds us that these people are individuals, with lives and builds a better connection to readers.

  5. Jamillah

    Such a good topic! I have had moments even in my short time in blogging that I’ve needed to step away from my computer and that really does help in invigorating my creativity for posting and my excitement for blogging.

    I second reading Gretchen’s post…really honest and completely brave of her. I also love the advice you gave to Camille 🙂

    Thanks for this Ashe!

  6. Dayner

    I’m still feeling inspired by everything but I agree, though I base my blog mainly on fashion and jewellery… too much of that same thing can get boring!

    To add lifestyle and your interests in too not only make your blog more personable, it’ll make it a bit deeper!

    Dayner x

  7. Eli

    ahhh this is such a great post! I’m in between finals week(s) and cannot find the time or inspiration to post or take photos! It stresses me out because I don’t want to push away readers, so I keep interacting by leaving comments.

    I’m starting to feel like maybe some of the best idea is to really stop reading those big fashion blogs…it begins to feel like a lot of pressure

  8. WendyB

    From the beginning, I never stuck to writing about just fashion. I knew I’d be bored in months…I’d already seen plenty of blogs come and go for that reason.

  9. Julianna Heale

    Really interesting points raised. I am new to blogging and haven’t actually writen anything since I finished my degree twelve years ago! I suddenly realised that I sadly stopped writing letters a long time ago and that now I rely on the odd email or text message! So my writing skills are rusty!
    I agree with Camille that it is hard sometimes to voice and put into words your inspiration. Especially when you are new to blogging and you’re building up your audience and feel that no one is reading your blog. It is so lovely to get feedback and it encourages one to continue writing and to improve and hopefully inspire.
    I have a 16 month old baby and find that my brain struggles to get into gear these days so I found the tips really useful and will try them!

  10. Juan Vender en internet

    Thanks for these advices. This article will help me a lot to star blogging again. This is easily one of the most useful articles I’ve read this year. In other words the content of the article is all positive and it is a great start of people would get a chance to read this.

    Great work!


  11. Daniel Dunt

    I really like this article; I personally think that even if you’re not too into photography, if you own a digital camera and set out around your nearest town or city- (for me it would be London) then you can find inspiration almost anywhere. If you have a look round some of them old-school vintage boutiques and bits&bobs shops taking pictures of everything you like or find inspiring, then when you get back home and take a look at the images, the articles start flowing again and you find small things to begin talking about- gradually getting back into the blogging network, and eventually becoming full-time again. This is simply because I find the majority of my inspiration from images and art, so if you are looking for last resorts, I would certainly recommend it! – Daniel Dunt

  12. tina

    loved this article….whenevr I am low…I do the same….write abou anything but fashion..I constantly write about things I luv…including, but not limited to fashion….works for me!!

  13. Melanie

    Great post! I’ve stopped and started my blog countless times (camera broke, new job, bored, etc) but now that I have focus of what exactly I want it to be, it’s much easier to get excited about and brainstorm for. I like the idea to read fewer fashion blogs.. I think I was also comparing myself to other, more popular blogs at an unhealthy rate and trying to emulate them, which made me not like what I was creating because I was trying to be someone else! Hopefully none of that happens again;)

  14. Victoria

    This is an interesting post, I’ve just had a shake up on my blog and have started trying to write more than just what I’ve done that day or just outfit details and I’m actually enjoying it a lot more, I think it’s because I’m challenging myself again xx

  15. Veronica

    Great article. I can see myself getting burned out if I don’t manage my time better. It’s very time consuming to go out take pictures, write, come up with clever titles, post, facebook, twitter, interact with other bloggers and readers.

    But i love it, I love the outlet to create with no rules or gate keepers to tell me what or I cannot do with my blog.

    As with everything else in life, I have to try and maintain a balance.

  16. Laura

    I think the key thing is to write about what you find interesting and the passion from these posts will draw people in.
    I like to read blogs which share a little about their day to day life as well as fashion.

  17. Steff

    This is a great post. I’ve followed all of these points to some extent whenever I get a blogging block, which happens more and more frequently these days. I’m just thankful that my readers haven’t all disappeared when the blocks last quite a while.

  18. Madison

    These are great points! Although I started my fashion blog as a travelling blog, I definitely am inspired by much more than solely fashion. It helps me sometimes to change the titling style of a post, or like you said changing the format of a post. I have such diverse readers, (from animation to techy, art,& fashion, etc.)
    I like what Daniel said, I also sometimes just take pictures… later reflecting back on them & become inspired by for a new post. Excellent post Ashe!