New IFB Feature: Twitter/Livestream Chat

At Independent Fashion Bloggers we’re always looking for ways to interact with our blogging community. We create articles to help you reach your true potential and guide you through the trials and tribulations of a fashion blogger. Blogging is evolving more and more everyday. There’s been a rapid growth of social media and sharing sites, We do our best to stay up to date and share all of our knowledge with you through IFB. With that said, there are many times we get a vast amount of questions regarding all sorts of topics. Believe me, We wish we could give every single question the attention it deserves… but that's pretty close to impossible. We’ve found a way to have better communication with you and we’re hoping you’ll find it helpful and participate. Introducing…


IFB Twitter/Livestream Chat

Starting next week 5/26, Every Wednesday at 2 o’clock EST we will be coming to you via livestream to talk about what’s current, new, and our thoughts about selected topics. Also,  We will have a segment in our livestream where we will be taking your questions through Twitter! It is an essential tool. Do you have questions lurking in your head? This will be a great time to tweet @_IFB.


We have a few great talks lined up including topics such as:

  • Go Local: The importance of how and why to connect with bloggers in real life.
  • Blogger Nightmare Stories: PR disasters
  • 3 ways to become a better professional blogger


And more…

We will also be having guest speakers to talk to you about what they're great at and their experiences as fashion bloggers. We’re still in the process of a whole lot of brainstorming, So if you have anything you’re dying to hear and learn about comment below and we’ll absolutely take it into consideration.

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6 Responses

  1. Christen Rochon

    I think the style chat is a great idea…have you considered a weekly twitter-party? Using the #IFBCHAT hashtag would be a great way for everyone to chat about ideas, problems, solutions, experiences and everything else we encounter during our blogging lives…

  2. thealteredangel

    I love the idea of a weekly twitter party or blog entry highlight on a certain subject.