31 Post Ideas for Fashion Blogs

As Memorial Day kicks off summer, one of the things that comes to mind, well the lack of mind when it's gorgeous out. I don't know about you, but when it's gorgeous out, all I can think about is going out and enjoying the long summer days. Inspiration can be fleeting.ย  If you're committed to staying focused on creating new content for your blog and staying out of a rut, avoid the summer blues and read this list of thirty-one posts you can try out:


  • Your Outfit: What are you wearing right now? How can it help your readers stay inspired about their wardrobe?
  • A Friend's Outfit: Who inspires you the most? Maybe they don't have a blog… maybe it's time to get them on yours!
  • Recent Purchase: Did you buy something recently? Well, do share with us!
  • What's on your wish list: Ok, we all want something, what are you searching for? Floral dresses, button down shirts? Sandals? What are your picks right now?
  • DIY project: Even for the most un-crafty such as myself… it's good to see DIY tricks from all levels.
  • Recreate a look: Saw an outfit you loved and was able to recreate it from what's in your closet. That's a story!
  • Trends that mean something to you: Pick a trend and personalize it, it might make for a compelling post.
  • Your favorite item of clothing at the moment: What are you loving in your closet right now? The thing you can't live without? Your absolute best purchase and why.
  • A fashion problem you have.. Having a hard time finding flattering jeans? Maxi dresses for petites?
  • A solution you found… How did you find the perfect pair of jeans? Do tell!
  • Your closet: How do you keep your clothes?
  • Your mom's closet, friends… etc. Do you have an organizational whiz for a mom? Maybe do a comparison!
  • Your home: Sometimes we like to get to know how you live!
  • A trip you took or are taking: How do people dress, where did you shop? What did you see? It can be the next town over or across the globe, it's always nice to see somewhere new!
  • What you pack for a trip: Even going to the beach? What do you bring?
  • Holidays! Every month has one, Memorial Day is this weekend… Expect a post from me about it!
  • Family photos: What did your mom look like in the 70's? Gran in the 40's? It's always great to see vintage pics with a personal touch.
  • A family heirloom: Grandma's ring, Mom's shoes, Aunties suede leather skirt. All pieces you can style in and make for a great post.
  • A shop you frequent: What's your favorite local boutique? I'm sure they'd love the coverage!
  • Tell the story about an outfit you wore on an important day: What did you wear on your first day with your husband/boyfriend? What did you wear to your graduation? On your 16th birthday? Can you recreate it and tell the story about why the day was special to you?
  • What you wear on your days off: Do you slum it? Or dress to the nines?
  • What you wear to work: Do you wear a uniform? Do you have to be corporate? Dress down? How do you dress for your work identity?
  • What you wear to bed: This can be a racy post if you wear nothing… but if not, what kind of sleep wear would you recommend to your readers?
  • What you wear to the gym… Ok I can think of a million posts along these lines. Are you the kind of person who wears an old tee shirt and shorts or one who wears matching sports bras with leggings?
  • What magazine are you loving this month? Does Vogue have a great article this month or did you find a great new magazine?
  • What's your favorite blog this month? Share the love…we all love finding new blogs.
  • Books: Read a fashion related book and post about it.
  • Film: Write about a film that inspired your style.
  • Museums: Talk about how an exhibit inspired you.
  • Concerts: Music and fashion often go hand in hand.
  • Theater: Have you seen a play recently? What were the costumes like? How do they compare with film?


Hey, and if all else fails, you can always write a list post.

Happy Friday!


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    • Nancy Nichting

      These tips are great! What advice do you have for someone who wants to start blogging but is overwhelmed by the amount of bloggers already out there in the blogosphere…? Should I even try or should I just stick with designing my art jewelry?

  1. Mordrian

    I post a lot about some of the ideas on ere, but I’ve never even thought about the others! Thank you for these wonderful ideas!

  2. Renee | Beauty Fool

    Thanks so much for this! I have a beauty blog, but have recently branched out into fashion (I’ve always admired fashion but have never ‘tried’ it on myself – but that’s about to change!), so these are some great ideas!

    xx Renee

  3. anne

    great list. this could be a fun “month of blogging” to do list. maybe I’ll do it for June!

  4. tiffany

    i also like travel posts, before (aka packing) and after (aka where you went and what you wore) posts! that’s in fact what i’m planning on posting this week!

  5. Kaya-Quintana

    OMG, this is why I love HeartIFB! So many good tips that really help me out! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for this article, love it!

  6. AsheMischief

    This is fantastic, Jennine! I’m going to have to refer back to this often, to get me inspired, get me writing and moving.

  7. Robyn

    love this love the ideas defiantly posting some tomorrow on my blog pretty little look book!

  8. Yen

    it’s so informative and applicable. I definitely go through each idea and do it. Thank you.

  9. sarah

    brilliant ideas!! got me thinking of some posts i could do and some to try out, thanks for sharing :))

  10. Zamri A.

    Whoa… this is fantastic! Think I wanna ‘copy’ it into my blog and share it with my readers too. (Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you credit!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Marusya V

    Great post! Always handy to hear new ideas:) to break the routine… not sure about making a post about my PJs though.. its too skimpy! LOL

  12. Chaplinnn

    A wonderful go-to list when I’m running short on ideas!

    A couple of suggestions, also:
    – Review posts. I know that some people probably get sick of these and hauls, but when I’m curious as to how X company’s lipcolor looks in real life, I Google for as long as it takes to find the answer. Not to mention that I good review can really sway if I buy a product!
    – I try to have a couple of “weekly” features. ie: Favorite DIY projects of the week, etc. It breaks up my daily outfitting posts.
    – I recently started one of those silly “30 day fashion challenges” that you find on Tumblr. I tweaked it a little bit to fit my personal style and I’m really looking forward to photographing each day!

  13. Jewel

    I’m in love with this list. I sometimes get stuck on what to write about and with this list, my blog will definitely be interesting for my readers. Thanks so much.

  14. Rachel Beau

    This is an awesome article! Might I add, it’s very helpful!

  15. Paula

    I’m enjoying reading what IFB has to say about blogging. I’m definatly going to copy this list dwn!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Yoli Oliver

    The 31 tips are really good, the problem is the amount of blogs there are about this topic, if you have something really new or tecnic is not in the market try it, if not I recomend you to go for a different topic.

  17. alexandra

    this is seriously helpful!! Writing is all about asking the right questions; these are general questions we can all ask ourselves all the time when we blog. Thanks.

  18. Ryan Oliver

    I’m looking for a great quotes that i can use on my everyday task and duties. Lucky enough to drop by on your blog. Thanks.

    Maria Rivero

  19. Xin

    Hey thanks for the great info! I’ve always run out on what to post on my blog and I usually do reviews and sometimes I post so irregularly that it feels inactive ): I’ll try to do the “what’s in my bag” post / sounds cool. Hope it turns out well!
    Check out my blog:

  20. Anonymous

    I didn’t get what I needed/wanted from this. I am looking for an interesting fashion trend, that teens and kids all across the United States, are wearing. If I could get this, I would have an amazing article, winning me a spot as a great writer. It would be perfect for me. So please, try to find a new, hot trend for me? Thank you so much!

  21. Osy Osehie

    It’s crazy that I am reading this in 2014 and memorial day is just 5 days away do when I started reading, I thought it this was just a couple days old but I looked at the date and saw 2011. Thank you Jennine for this timeless piece. I am a new blogger and these are very helpful tips.

  22. Curtis Ludwig

    Great Article! Check out Struttin Cotton! Use code AnimalHouse to get 50% off anything!

  23. jack

    Well said.. I love that pointโ€ฆ. if youโ€™ve a huge list or amount of readers, but donโ€™t know how to convert them into customers, then youโ€™re losing a lot. I also agree with the point of not getting to know your audienceโ€ฆ However, the only way to get to know your audience is by engaging them, trying to know what theyโ€™ll appreciate.
    Thanks! BTW very nice postโ€ฆ

  24. AMarie

    This is a really great article. Definitely using some of these ideas for my blog that I’m working on!

  25. Dharani

    Wonderful list of ideas..!! I will definitely use one of these ideas to start my new blog on fashion trends.Wish me good luck ๐Ÿ™‚