IFBchat Recap: From the Conference to Your Computer Screen

by Societys Misfit

A Recap Of IFB's First Twitter/Livestream Chat On How To Promote Your Blog


I wouldn’t say its better than attending the conference during fashion week, but it felt more intimate and I liked that, also it still gave you the opportunity to connect with more bloggers. Believe it or not I gained a few followers on twitter and on my blog! Jennine, Nubia & Jessica did a great job answering everyone’s question to the best of their ability. Well here are just a few of my favorite tips I’d like to share with you but in case you missed the chat online IFB has provided the link for you to watch it HERE. Let’s get started!


Now some of the tips discussed we’ve all heard and read about before, it can be real easy to overlook the importance of these tips that are essential to any blogger. When it comes to self promotion for us bloggers.. IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY! Although this may sound a bit out of date now that we’re all connected through various social media platforms but as the ladies mentioned Keep It Old School a.k.a. word of mouth. Tell your friends even if they’re not bloggers or don’t know what a blog is, yes, it may be a bit awkward but hey you might just be surprised, suggest it to ppl you know through facebook or with a simple e-mail. I’ve felt a bit hesitant too but hey if you’re proud of your work, what inspires you, why not share it with everyone?
This leads me to the next tip; Don’t discount real life. It’s your blog, got something on your mind, having a bad day, etc share it!  The way we tweet a pic of an item that’s caught our attention share it with your readers, it makes your blog more personal.
Next, build relationships w/ locals you don’t only have to cover what’s hot right now. Which is VERY VERY VERY TRUE! I try not to have something another site may also be featuring, like a coffee shop around the corner or clothing store you like, feature it. Reach out to businesses, designers for a quick meet up to ask a few questions or whatever the case may be, take a chance you never know where the relationships you build with people can lead you. SO ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BUSINESS CARDS HANDY!!

Another tip I know I have to get to work on is including your twitter handle, and blog link as part of your e-mail signature.
There was question made by @myempteycloset on how to promote while avoiding the evil fashion blogger “all I want is freebies rap” everyone assumes we have now. The answer to that one was to develop relationships w/ PR Reps, ask about borrowing items (make it clear) you’re not out to get a freebie. An example of how to go about this would be to ask if you could take pictures of a top you like for a post on your blog. In my case, my experience was a bit different I would take pictures of my outfit from a particular store I liked and shared the link to my post on the blog with them on their facebook page, and via twitter maybe it wouldn’t work for everyone but it brought me luck to connect with the store and the staff to work together.

I also asked a question which was “In promoting your blog how can bloggers find more about events to attend aside from knowing PR Reps or contacting them?”


I feel there’s a bit more to it than just that, but prior to the chat I had done some research and I've already signed up for a not one but two meet up groups (NYC Fashion Bloggers & Fashion 2.0) and the site Guest of a Guest which were also tips mentioned in the chat that I also recommend to all of you.
@denimology had asked about how to generate more comments.
The IFB team answered that outfit posts, how to posts, are just one of the ways to spark interest in your readers it becomes that conversation starter. Which leads me yet another valuable point made during the chat which was to take risks on writing controversial topics, be open about how you feel as a blogger! Yet comments as Jennine mentioned don’t necessarily mean everything about a blog so don’t be so quick to judge a site based on how many comments it has. Nubia also pointed out that she has seen blogs with maybe no more than 5 comments but have great traffic!
And finally the last of my favorite tips & a reminder for all of us is, GO OUT & BE PRODUCTIVE – meet new people take the initiative pitch ideas to other bloggers out there on working together its one of the great ways to expand your demographic, exposure and gain followers.

Well that’s all folks! Looking forward to the next chats to come, tune in every Wednesday at 2 PM. A big thank you and congrats to Jennine & the rest of the IFB team for continuing to think outside the box in helping us bloggers to know more and be better. J What did you guys learn from the chat? Let me know!

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  1. Mordrian

    The last IFB chat was great. There were so many different, helpful tips. I know tomorrow’s chat will be just as good as last weeks!

  2. Tarandip

    There are some great tips here from the IFB Chat!

    I guess the most important thing to being a blogger is to love what you do and to do it for yourselves first (Never for the freebies).

    Great roundup by the way!