Will Bloggers Start Using QR Codes?

Image by Matt Holmes

Many of us believe mobile blogging in fashion is the next big thing. Seems like smart phones  are pretty much doing everything right? Nowadays you don’t even have to use your credit card anymore you can just swipe your phone, Isn't it crazy? Times are changing and it is imperative that we keep up. This brings me to my point, Why not make our blogs more accessible to mobile users? Sure they can always go to their web browser and type in your URL, But that's time consuming and not every one will go out of their way to do it.

It’s about that time for me where I have to get some new business cards printed and I strongly believe we should all have QR (Quick response) codes on our business cards. They call it “Quick Response” for a reason. It takes you to a website within seconds after you scan it. It's amazingly smart phone friendly. I have an I phone with ATT and the scanner was a free app, It works great. I wouldn't even stop there, I would put it on my email signature and anything else I think people will be viewing.  QR codes have become very popular amongst companies. I see them on all sorts of advertisements on subways, bus stops, and I have to admit I've scanned a few I found interesting. It's almost kind of… Fun? I have seen a few on business cards but not enough.

When attending social events it can be hard enough to break the ice, So when you do get around to chit-chatting and handing out your business cards, It would be nice to have a QR code on it. If I enjoyed talking to you I would probably scan it right on the spot.

Below is an example of what my next business card will look like front and back. Please excuse the poor drawing skills, I promise the actual card will be way nicer.
What do you think about QR codes? Hit or miss? Do you use them already? I say hit and I believe we will be seeing more and more of these.

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38 Responses

  1. Mordrian

    Hit. HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT! This IS the future of blogging. Your so right about us, as bloggers, having to keep up when things are changing. Many people i know have phones that are able to scan QR codes, so why no use them? I think its a great idea to have your blog’s QR code on the back of a buissness card. It has such huge potential behind it, and i think its time bloggers start using it to their advantage.

  2. ntm76

    I think it is a great idea. People are looking for results as fast as possible and scanning a code to get to a blog is a great way to do so especially if your URL is very long. I would much rather get to a site without typing it into a small keyboard on a phone. The size of the QR box does not have to be large so it will not take up too much space on a business card and as long as you have the URL for those who do not have a smartphone you cover all of your bases. Even if the QR code is not used by many right now I see them as a must have in the future so why not be a leader and put them on your business cards now.

    I say it is a major thumbs up!!!!

  3. Christy L.

    Funny, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. My business cards have more “traditional” info on them, like my name, number, e-mail address and of course my URL. I also drop them off at coffee shops, put them on flyer tables, etc… but lately I’ve been thinking about creating larger fliers that would be more visible and a QR code would be perfect for that.

  4. Vivian

    I’ve never got how to use this thing! I have a smartphone, 24h connected, but how the hell does this thing work??? I feel it’s actually too complicated for now! Smartphones should have this application already installed!

    • Nubia Mejia

      Perhaps they will in the future. I have ATT and it took me 2 mins to download the app and it scans super easy…. Just like scanning something at a store.

    • Christy L.

      Vivian I had downloaded a few code readers and none of them worked until I installed the AT&T code scanner. Maybe it depends on what kind of phone you have?

  5. Trianna

    Definite hit! I use them already on my emails, business card and for a giveaway that I’m doing on my blog. It’s fast, easy and fun.

  6. Madeleine Gallay

    QR code on a business card? I am awed ,, the world and its possibilities have become too modern for me.

    Scanning things in probably will be very common and simple but for now my scanner is a plodding nightmare and this seems slicker than I am capable of grasping.

    Thank you, I will now shake my scanner in mortification.

  7. Sheyla

    Definitely a hit.Indie bands are giving business cards with QR codes so you can download their music and it works for them.Why can’t us bloggers do the same since we thrive and rely on technology?

  8. Style Maniac

    I think it’s a terrific idea. But, please tell me: how do I generate and copy the code for my blog urls? Blogger shows a QR code image in one of the tab sections but not sure how to get it to a biz card — do I just cut & paste? Haven’t noticed it anywhere on Tumblr.

    Also what QR code reader app do you like for the iPhone?

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

  9. Anna Dixon

    I never use them and I doubt I will. If I’m in the mood to read a blog I don’t think digging around to find a QR coded business card in my bag would be any quicker than typing it in. What about having an IFB app?

  10. Heather Fonseca

    You forgot to tell us how to get a QR! I think it could be the NEXT BIG THING, even if it isn’t, I think a business card with a bar code on it would be mega-cool, at least for my blog business card.

    • DS

      Hi, Heather. I’m the “someone” who provided the link. I’ve been using QR Codes since they pretty much came-out, and yep there are plenty of generators, but I found Kaywa’s to be the easiest to use/understand.

      Mashable has a whole article on it, if you’re interested. After, blogging for 5 years I’ll try anything once. Good luck and have fun!

  11. DS

    I use QR codes on promo items, especially for my new shop {coming soon}. I’ve used them on promo items for the blog when I travel, and people who find the promo items love it, especially overseas.

    You can use service like http://Kaywa.com to generate QR codes. It gives you the option of a link, text, etc. They also have a reader that you can download to ensure it works. There are plenty of other services, but this one doesn’t try to sell you something, or attach itself to the code.

  12. Barcelonette

    I have mine in my blog card, I don’t know wether it is useful for people or not but It’s another chance to show my blog to the people I meet during the day

  13. Hana

    Great post! I never thought about using a QR code on my blog`s business card but now that you mention it…

    I have been using QR codes for years now, it is so nice to see the rest of the world catching on to their usefulness so yes, I do think they may be the big new thing. They are very popular in Japan and everywhere (definitely on restaurant cards, etc. though I haven`t seen them on personal business cards but I think that could just help you stand out more)!

    Though for it to catch on I think cellphone companies should not make reading QR codes a separate, download-able app…mine was already on my cellphone when I bought it. I am too lazy sometimes to go and download something new (embarrassing to admit but I know I am not the only one).

  14. Tricia

    I was all into QR codes for a bit, but sadly they soon drove me nuts! I find the reader apps to be too slow and unreliable. We’ve debated QR code usage for our companies, but just aren’t convinced enough to commit. Too many see them going the way of the laser disc, esp. with NFC technology talk on the horizon (and in London now, and hopefully soon in NYC, on public transportation).

    Typical of technology these days, just when we figure out what something is, there’s a new kid in town.

  15. Prateek

    As a mobile app developer, we all wish to see QR codes takeoff, however the data is shaky currently. I think after bigger retailers adopt the trend, we may see it hit the mainstay culture.

  16. Emily

    This would make things sooooo much easier!!! Going to look into it now – thanks for the great post 🙂

  17. My Style Canvas

    I’m sure the codes will catch on eventually but honestly I’m a bit of a technology resister. Why? Because it’s hard enough to keep up with various blogs to stay connected to other bloggers, and I will admit to feeling a bit burdened when those same bloggers start begging everyone to follow their Facebook, Twitter, Lookbook and Tumblr feeds, too. This is probably the reason I’ve held off on starting an FB page or Twitter account for my own blog though I realize that’s become somewhat expected and I need to get with the times, and soon.
    At any rate, to me focusing on these codes–as opposed to typing in an actual URL–feels like yet another waste of time and energy, yet something we’re supposed to jump on just because it’s new.

  18. Ozio Media

    I think adding QR codes to blogs and business cards is an excellent idea. I think QR codes could be used as a call to action of sorts on business cards. How many of us receive business cards and stash them in a drawer never to look at them again? A QR code can inspire someone using a smart phone to quickly check out your business site, become a member, make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter, etc.

  19. FashnCo

    Hey guys.

    The great thing about QR codes is that they can be used to track physical objects and locations. You have to have the object in your hand or be at a location to be able to scan the code. If you can then grab stats for an individual QR code, you can then track an abject or see how many people have been to a certain location. I love it.

    How about 3 QR codes for 1 link. I’ve actually built a website around this called http://Fashn.Co. Its similar to Bit.ly. Creating short urls from long links and tracking them. But as you can now tell by the name, I want to create a brand for all short urls to do with Fashion or Fashn. For every link created on the site you get 3, not 1 but 3 different QR codes. Why 3, well 3 is better than just 1. You might have a campaign promoting a fashion event. You might use a poster, flyer and an advert in a magazine. If they all have the same QR code, how can you tell which one got the most scans?? Not possible. If you have 3 different QR codes all pointing to the same link, then the user sees your content, and you can see where the most scans came from and stats for all those scans.

    Also, the sad thing is, all QR codes look alike. The aim of http://Fashn.Co is to brand all short uls to do with Fashion, so when you see a short url starting with Fashn, you know the link has something to do with fashion. I’ve done the same with QR codes. Each QR code made on Fashn.Co are automatically branded with the Fashn.Co logo so now when you see a Fashn-able QR code you can tell straight away, it will take you some where to do with fashion. So it is possible to tag QR codes so people know straight away what it is about before they scan it.

    Check the Fashn.Co Fashn-able QR code here …

    I think in the future, all QR codes will be tagged like this. Its inevitable. Nobody wants to blend in with the crowd when you can stand out.

    Feel free to check out the site and try short Fashn-able links and Fashn-able QR codes. Would love some constructive criticism/feedback. Follow us on twitter, @FashnCo

    QR codes (Quick Response) codes are they way forward and mixing it with fashion I think is great. I think just educating people on what they are and how they can be used and showing people how better to use them is what needs to take place.

  20. Local Find

    We use QR codes extensively on our website and we have also made our website smartphone friendly as well. Due to the larger number of types of internet enabled mobile devices we have implemented user agent technology to present our website to the incoming smartphone mobile device.

  21. Andi

    I think they can be fun, but too many brands forget that not everyone owns a smart phone. They neglect to put a straight URL along with the QR so they’re not reaching a huge group of people. If you decide to put them in addition to the usual info on a business card, that’s brilliant, but don’t use them exclusively like some brands do.

  22. Tom Barry

    I work with a company that has a product for creating your own QR codes and uploading your own content on as if you were creating a mobile website about yourself. http://ilnk.me/8fd2 take a look at their blog and see if this is something you might find interesting.