Is The Windows Phone 7 Right For Bloggers?

Photo by: Nando Alvarez-Perez


Being that mobile blogging has just started to erupt in the world of fashion blogging, I couldn’t wait to try out the new Windows Phone 7 operating system, an OS that is totally integrated with your digital life.  With the release of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS the company has achieved a minor miracle in the contemporary cutthroat mobile phone market: they have developed a mobile operating system that is almost as easy, almost as friendly, almost as intuitive, and almost as fast as Apple’s iOS4.  The operative word in that sentence is, of course, “almost.”  This newest iteration of Microsoft’s previously hideous Windows mobile OS (if you remember the Motorola Q from a few years back then you probably remember the hellaciously unfun Windows OS that came installed on it and you may also remember the absurd amounts of spackling paste you purchased to fix all those holes in your wall that the Q left after you threw it there) is indeed a major upgrade over Microsoft’s previous forays into the mobile phone market.  As has been my experience with many Windows operating systems in the past, however, my initial glee with my new toy turned out to be short-lived as I discovered more and more of the WP7’s capabilities (or lack thereof).  Despite WP7’s limitations, though, Microsoft has certainly created a quality product that can only get better with time and after spending a weekend with the phone here are some ways in which it may be (or may not be) beneficial for your blog and social media needs:


  • Feloniously easy to set up: a few button presses and your’re making calls, a few more and you’re integrated with Facebook, a few more and you’re receving push notifications for your email (especially easy compared to the iPhone’s infarction-inducing email setup).
  • Super sexy and hyper-minimalist “Metro UI” is just you and your content.
  • Touch functionality that is as fast and accurate as the iOS4’s and the AndroidOS.
  • Surprisingly robust first-party apps are included: an excellent stills and 720p video camera with a host of manual functions, a gorgeous Maps app with Bing integration to get both GPS navigation and user reviews for your favorite spots, and a mobile version of Microsoft Office (for free!) that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint so you can write your posts when you’re on the go.
  • You can quickly search  and share links from all of your favorite blogs.
  • A quick and easy to navigate Marketplace for apps.
  • XBox Live integration for all of your games.


  • Great camera, but no Instagram!
  • The homepage’s two parallel columns of “tiles” cannot be further expanded into a grid and the page thus quickly grows to unmanageable length (as will your app list).
  • WP7’s “Hubs” for People and Pictures (as opposed to a Contact List or Pictures Folder) are over-integrated with Facebook and lack content filters.
  • Lack of compatibility with Apple products means that you need to download a free Windows program in order to put music, movies, and pictures onto your WP7 phone if you are an Apple user.
  • Lack of multi-tasking with third-party apps means you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at loading and start-up screens.

Overall Microsoft has done a more than commendable job with its newest Windows mobile operating system.  The WP7 OS is fast, sleek, and, for the most part, very well configured for user interaction.  Despite this, however, the OS suffers from some pretty glaring flaws, most notably from its over-integration with Facebook and its lack of a multi-tasking feature.  All told though, this is an excellent place for Microsoft to start and if they fix these small (but frustrating) issues in subsequent updates they will soon have an OS that can match Apple’s iOS4 for simplicity and functionality.  I highly recommend the WP7 OS for all of your blogging needs.

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  1. Nakia

    I can’t believe I now looking at this post…
    I have a WP7 too, and the only thing that disappoints me is again, the over-integration with Facebook, and that there’s no Instagram!

    Since I’m a WordPress user too, the first-party WordPress app is just a little too slow for me, and too limited.