IFB Project # 2

Image by Jessica Conatser

We were very happy with the turn out of the first IFB project! Thanks to all of you who participated we hope you're all excited and continue to be a part of the project. Are you ready for the 2nd project?

IFB Project # 2: Let's get poetic

What do you know about Haikus? A Haiku is a Japanese short poem made up of 3 phrases with 17 syllables in it divided into 5, 7, 5.


We come together

As independent bloggers

To share our knowledge

We want you to pick something out of your closet you love and write a haiku about it. Whether it be a pair of shoes or a dress, get creative! I can't wait to read entries, this is going to be amazing.


*Remember you have until Tuesday June 28th 12 p.m. EST to enter your submission.

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