IFB Project RoundUp: Fashion Haiku

We thought it'd be nice to see everyone get creative about a treasured piece from their closet. Haikus are a simple and fun form of poetry that let you play around with syllables. You all had some very enjoyable entries. Seriously, it was my pleasure reading through them, some made me literally laugh out loud.


IFB Project Roundup:

  1. Haiku for Hats: Check out this lovely hat haiku.
  2. I think I got carried away, or IFB Project #2: Let's get poetic. This haiku was pretty funny about a bird ring.
  3. The Shoes Haiku: New pair of Betsey Johnson flats in my closet.
  4. Jacket: Read this cute haiku about this denim jacket.
  5. Poetry in Fashion: From small to a bit bigger, Check it out.
  6. Poetic License: Pretty, Sparkly Sequins.
  7. IFB Project: Prada Haiku: Sometimes our love for fashion is pricey.
  8. IFB Project #2 Closet Haiku: A haiku about a clutch.
  9. Ode to the little black dress: Always a classic. Little black dress haiku.
  10. Bats: This lovely sheer top gives you wings.
  11. IFB Project #2: The haiku: A beautiful necklace.
  12. IFB Project Number 2: Wooden Shoes.


Thanks to those who participated and I hope to see more next week. To see all the entries from this weeks project you can check here. Check back Friday for our next project.

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