How to Create a Weekly Editorial Calendar

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Don't let blogger's block get you down! There are loads of ways to get back into the swing of things, loads of post ideas, loads of things to talk about. Inspiration isn't about finding what to post about, it's about deciding. That's why structure is my favorite tool for staying inspired and on track.


Why does structure work?

Contrary to popular belief, while magical, creativity is not sporadic. The most creative people also happen to be the most prolific, how does that work? They work every day at their creative endeavors, sometimes all day. I have found that when I write every day, it's easy. When I haven't written in a while, getting started is tough. Building a structure around creativity helps you focus and get things done.


What does structure look like?

It may sound scary, but it's not as crazy as you think. I would have been scared off by words like structure and strategy, but, after years of blogging every day, a definite pattern showed up. That was my structure.


  • Deadlines: We have a 12:00EST posting time Monday through Friday
  • Posts are 100-700 words
  • Posts have photos

Knowing that I had to get posts out by noon each day, I set aside how much time it would take to write a post, get photos for it and have them completed for each of my blogs by the deadline. This normally takes planning and if you're doing this every day, structure. It'll happen in a way that makes sense for you, either you're writing when you wake up, or before you go to bed, or on the weekends. Whatever works for you!


Planning the type of posts you write:

Each week, I set up a schedule of the type of posts I'm going to write. This helps in terms of planning how to gather content for the posts. An outfit post will require different things than a designer highlight or a beauty post, or a street style post. A typical week on The Coveted it looks like this:

  • Monday: Outfit post
  • Tuesday: Beauty post
  • Wednesday: Designer post
  • Thursday: Street style post
  • Friday: Outfit post

Even on Eat, Sleep, Denim, the weekly calendar has a similar structure:

  • Monday: Trend post
  • Tuesday: How to post
  • Wednesday: Blogger Style
  • Thursday: Street style
  • Friday: Denim Review


Knowing what type of post I'm going to publish helps focus me in on what to look for when I'm looking for inspiration and how to filter information out that my readers may not be into. Breaking posts down to their type is a huge time saver!


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46 Responses

    • Ashe Mischief

      Also, I love how fluid your guidelines are for each day’s posts. That’s SO inspiring as I’m trying to find balance in what I post, when I post it, and how not to load myself too much with shopping, too much with lifestyle, and incorporate outfit posts in as well.

  1. ZahraLyla

    This is great, thanks!
    I’ve been struggling lately and I think this will help me break through. The only thing that worries me is, does it start to get predictable and a little boring? Maybe change the structure around every month?
    Either way, Im definitely taking this advice. Thanks!!

  2. Stephi Dee

    I’m a huge fan of structure, but an even bigger one of DEADLINES. I feel that deadlines are the key to creative success. I can spend days and days planning what I want to blog about, but without deadlines forcing me to act on an idea I’d never get anything done!

    For people that have a hard time forcing deadlines upon themselves, I’d suggest taking a leaf from NaNoWriMo. Do something that literally will force yourself to meet a deadline. Hate doing the dishes? Make a bet with your boyfriend that you can write a post everyday for the week by noon. Bet with your sister that you can post an outfit before you go to work every day for a month, and put $50 on the line (even better if you don’t have $50 to spare)! Stuff to that effect works WONDERS!

    Stephi Dee

  3. No Guilt Fashion

    I love that this is such a simple concept at its core. However, writing it out is a brilliant idea for others to learn from. I’ve recently switched over to, and found a plugin editorial calendar that I have found very useful.

  4. Slow Southern Style

    I’ve been saying I will implement a similar schedule for a year now and still haven’t done it. I love how easy your system makes it seem to stay on track. I find I whip out a lot of posts at once only to burn out and not want to write anything for weeks, which is a real disadvantage. It might be time to reorganize my home office and make use of these tips!

  5. roanjean

    I wrote down my own calendar too but never really got down to it, ugh! I think I need to go back to it and plan again! 🙂

  6. Rachel C.

    Excellent post! I’m definitely a person who thrives on structure and find that it helps me to think more creatively because it gives me a more concrete focus. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  7. Moriah

    Seeing as to how I’m a ‘go with the flow’ type person, I think this system could really work for me, it’s not hard to keep up and it’s simple!

    Thanks, I will be jotting this down in my VOGUE calendar today!

  8. Marsha

    hi, I read this, and I think its a very good idea, when posting just to keep organised, but I had an idea, well there are bloggers that I may see and I just really love there style and want to share them,Like the ‘Blogger Style’. Only thing is that I don’t want to ask the bloggers “Is it o.k to use your pictures to feature you on my blog?” Tho, it’s not that popular yet. I don’t them to think im crediting off them or something I just want to share. Or just to be safe do you think I should just make a list of blogs I like and put them at the side of my blog?
    Thanks so much”)

  9. el marcus

    That’s what I’ve been doing, I think If you really have passion to what you do, planning ahead and deadlines work very well. Great advice defo! 🙂 I should try to do the 700 words min.

  10. lisa

    Yes to editorial calendars! Since I’m on Blogger and Gmail, I use my Google Calendar to jot down what I want to post when. Then at the beginning of the week I take a look at my planned posts and deadlines and organize accordingly.

  11. JayMarie

    I have yet to try a schedule but it does seen like a good idea to stay organized! Thanks for the tips! (:

  12. Amber from Real Girl Glam

    I just started using a calendar in the last few weeks and it has really helped me stay on track and keep my writing focused rather than losing motivation. Now I need to get an ACTUAL calendar to write down specifi post ideas!

  13. Daniel Dunt

    I’ve always considered making a sort of plan for my posts over the course of the week, seeming that recently it’s been kind of a wake up and see how I’m feeling type situation; I think I should certainly give this a go; thanks for the advice! – Daniel Dunt 😀

  14. Anna

    That’s a brilliant idea that I must get to follow…my posts are all over the place and I think I need more focus and planning. Funny thing is, that I like to be organized, but I just can’t do it 😛

  15. Camille

    I have so much interesting stuff stuck on drafts I don’t know what to do with them anymore. Very detailed advice, I hope it works with me.

  16. kimmiepooh

    I’ve been wanting to implement a calendar for a while but I never get around to it. I’m making it a goal this week to set one up. Great tips.

  17. de la Pen

    Excellent post! The editorial calendar definitely keeps you organized and it keeps your blogging consistent. I do a weekly model feature, style feature, and designer feature and I also do regular event coverage. The schedule helped brand my blog and it stopped me from having writer’s block although it still happens from time to time.

  18. Donna

    I created an editorial calendar when I first launched my site. I used the help of a template for mom bloggers. This is much more fitted and gives me ideas to improve what I already created. Thanks!

  19. Vickie

    I love the idea of a schedule. All too often I am faced with a writer’s block. The process will be made easier with a schedule! Thanks for the tips!

  20. The Big Mac

    This is super interesting. I find that I usually just post when I’ve seen or done something exciting. I’ve been doing a couple of interviews recently so will be thinking more about my own structure and how to be more consistant. Thanks! Christine. :)xx

  21. Jess

    This is so important!! sometimes I find myself staring at my laptop without having a clue of what I should write about…I think I’ll try out what you’ve just written!!! Thanks so much!

  22. Cary

    These are fantastic ideas because i’m just start with blogspot (usually i post at tumblr and this kind of organization is not necessary) and this will help a lot!! xx

  23. Bostonista

    This is great advice. I recently started doing a weekly blog post for a local lifestyle newsletter (it links into my blog) and having everything organized way before hand has made blogging so much easier. It puts pressure on me (which can be frustrating) but once I start and then its done I feel good that I have a real post to share with my readers.

  24. Meltem

    Great list thank you! Without a content strategy and a list of what to write and when to write it will be very tiring for the blogger and for the readers. So that will be our style of blogging as well. Thnax:)