IFB Project #3

Photo by Nando M Alvarez


It's that time of the week again, time for IFB Project number 3. We hope you've enjoyed picking an heirloom as much as you did writing a haiku about something in your closet. We plan to keep these projects growing and look forward to your participation!


The Project


Our offices are currently located in New York City which means it's 4th of July weekend for us! A day to celebrate Independence. Independence is an imperative thing in everyone's life… Can you imagine not being free? I quiver at the thought. Which leads me to the following? Do you have an item you purchased that made you feel independent? Like an amazing pair of shoes or a vibrant lipstick color that made you feel liberated? Share it!


I look forward to seeing all of your entries. Have a great weekend!


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12 Responses

  1. stylefyles

    I submitted a link, though it’s not a new post. BUT, I took the concept to heart. It is the one thing I’ve bought that has made me feel most independent to date!

  2. Elvia Francis

    Is there a deadline to the IFB Projects? I wanted to do a blog post in reply to this Project #3, however I won’t be able to until later tonight… I hope that is alright… What’s the deadline?

  3. anne

    saw this last night. my first thought was of course the cars I’ve bought.
    but how to make that fashiony?
    then I thought of something even better.

    thank you Nubia for this highly entertaining series! it’s my favorite, hands down.

  4. Tea

    It’s been cool to see the themes IFB comes up with every week, it definitely makes me think. This week I got inspired 🙂

  5. TheStylishButterfly

    I feel crazy writing about socks in the summer. Maybe i just really miss the cold! I’d feel more free if i didn’t have to wear glasses…but can’t really write about that. Happy July 4th!

  6. Hallie

    Wow, there are so many thoughtful, unique, engaging stories here. Well done, ladies! 🙂

    I didn’t know about IFB homework (I’m new-ish to IFB), but definitely plan to contribute to Project #4!

    Thanks for the inspiration! xx