Thanks to all of you who participated in the IFB PROJECT this week. Independence is one of the most beautiful things in life. Independence means being free and being able to express yourself. Being obsessed with fashion (which I obviously am) I love how a particular item can give you a sense of liberation. A lipstick can make you feel strong, a pair of heels can make you feel confident, a bracelet can make you feel radiant. That's why I believed this project would be so much fun. I was completely blown away with your items and why they made you feel the way they did.


I look forward to coming up with the next project together with the IFB team and look forward to seeing more from you. Below you'll find some of my favorite entries. Enjoy!


IFB Project Roundup:


  1. Winter bones: Let it snow. Nothing like a bit of nature to let make you feel free sometimes.
  2. Free to be free people: Lovely floral dress.
  3. IFB Project #3: Bikini: This blogger didn't let her past bring her down. She looks gorgeous.
  4. Toe-Socks: Don't bind your little toes! Let them loose.
  5. Looking weird on purpose: This lady wore her flower sunglasses to rebel against the school dress code.
  6. Pink Lip Power: Check out how this lip power makes me feel liberated and shine.
  7. IFB Project: My Pandora Charm bracelet: Check out what each of these charms signifies.
  8. Going Solo: This vintage bike will let you ride with the wind.
  9. IFB Project/Independence/Betsey Girl: This girl feels so powerful in her dress. Kudos!
  10. The IFB Project: Women in heels: Take a look at heels that make The Coveted feel like a powerful woman.
  11. It's here IFB Project #3: A beautiful traveling bag. I love it. You won't want to miss this.
  12. Miss Independent: Special name plate necklace.


To view everyones entry for this project you can click here.


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13 Responses

  1. Tea

    Thanks Nubia – its made my day being chosen! Look forward to the future projects to get us bloggers thinking 🙂

  2. TheStylishButterfly

    Thanks for liking my toe-socks write-up. I was thinking how kiddish it was, but if it did make you and other people react, that’s enough 🙂 Looking forward to IBF Project #4.

  3. A

    Thanks for featuring me! I’m taking my new travelling bag with me when I fly to Australia tomorrow and this has just made my day!

  4. Joy

    Thanks Nubia. I wasn’t sure you got my thank you tweet when this came out.
    I’m happy you liked the post 🙂

    Joy x

  5. Larissa

    ohh what a cool profect…I’m sorry I missed that to participate…I would love to be in the next one 🙂