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I started my eponymous blog, Tineey, in early Spring of 2010 as a personal fashion blog. It's not my first blog, but I wanted to have a place to post about the different things in fashion that resonated with me. It feels great to have this little piece of internet real estate where I am allowed to fully express myself. The blog is a reflection of my persona and lifestyle — it remains positive, fun and full of sparkles. My content ranges from outfit photo posts, hair & makeup videos, fashion shows/events coverage.


How did you monetize (ie. consulting, ads, product sales, etc.

A couple of months after starting, I decided to monetize my blog. I was riding on a wave created from the thrill from my blog's quick growth. It began as an experiment. I wanted to see how far I could take it, in terms of turning the site into a business. Today, a majority of my revenue comes from sponsorships and consultation work, while banner ads make up a relatively smaller percent of the pie. I'm still pretty new to the business aspect of blogging and am experimenting with different avenues of monetizing.


How has blogging affected your career?

Initially, my current blog URL was used for my online portfolio. I used personal branding efforts to make myself accessible by future employers. I wanted to continue working in fashion after my internships. Life threw a curveball and I ending up freelancing in my aspiring field of work. Being a freelancer gave me time to start a blog. As the blog grew, I started to notice more and more time was spent working on it. When I saw measurable fruits from my monetization experiment, that's when I decided to go all-in on developing and nurturing my site. I'm am still working in fashion, but I am my own boss. Once you start your own business, it's very hard to go back.


What are you working on now?

Since the blog is only a bit over a year old, I have a long way to go until I find what works the best for me. Right now, I am fine-tuning a lot of details in regards to the blog as a whole. I hope to be able to work with companies and people I admire in the future. Tineey is a work-in-progress. I am also starting a side project that will eventually become a part of the Tineey brand. It's along of the lines of a color inspiration board, but with nail polishes. Stay tuned.


What is the most important piece of advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?

Don't start a blog just to make money. You don't want to be disappointed from the start.  Once you have something you love and it can provide value to your readers, the rest will follow and fall into place. Make friends. You never know how much they can help you along the way. Take that leap of faith. I rather regret doing something than regret not doing something.



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12 Responses

  1. shannon

    I love her blog name..TINEEY!ahha.. I can definitely relate to being tiny. These success stories are all so inspiring. For a 1+ year old blog, that is an extraordinary accomplishment. Congrats to TINEEY.COM. Thanks for another great interview!

  2. Tineey

    Thank you so much to IFB for the feature. You guys are the best resource for any blogger out there!

  3. Andy

    Go ahead and do what you know is best. Step forward and transform your highest visions into meaningful achievements.

    Go tineey!

  4. Clarissa

    Great interview! Very encouraging… I’m working on an amazing project to be launched soon. Being new to blogging (I am doing tons of research, any advice right now is great advice!)

  5. Bckls

    This is really an inspiration, it does make me feel I’m a long ways away but also a layout of what my own approach could be. Thanks really insightful.