Your Next Blog Post Is In Your Blog Stats

Every so often, I'll hit a dry spell.  I won't be sure what to write about, or I'll feel that I've focused too much recently on a particular area (shopping, shoes, lifestyle tips, etc.).   When that happens, I hit my most constant muse– my blog stats. Whether you're using Google Analytics, Statcounter, WordPress Stats, or any combination of the many available, you always have access to instant inspiration: your Search Engine Terms.


Search Engine Terms are the words people type in to Google, Bing, or Yahoo! that lead them to your site.  They're the SEO of your site, and some combination of words in a post mathematically drives people to your site.  Bingo! Using the strengths of your site to create more awesome content.


Below are 6 consecutive days worth of Search Engine Terms from my WordPress Stats (I prefer to use it because it doesn't give me the highest ranking terms, but the ones used on any given day).  On each day, I've put a note next to terms that inspire me– areas where I can write more posts on the topics, expand on posts I already have, or create new ones!



From just 6 days worth of search engine terms, I have 12 potential posts topics:

  1. Dinosaur jewelry
  2. Words to live by
  3. Cute plus-sized bras
  4. Shoe closet
  5. Summer dresses (xxl)
  6. Color combinations for wardrobe
  7. Steampunk shoes
  8. Leather earrings
  9. AND, Leather & feather earrings– both can be their own post!
  10. Knee-length boho dresses
  11. Trashy Diva coupon codes
  12. Pictures of Lady Gaga's rhinestone looks


I chose the above ones because I felt they were a) topics I hadn't covered before, b) topics that could use a refresher, c) topics that could challenge me, d) able to help me build relationships (like the Trashy Diva coupon codes, a local designer & shop I love), and e) worked well with the type of content I have and my personality.


But these are just the tip of the iceberg!  I can refresh posts by revisiting old & popular topics (like Carrie Bradshaw's style) or find new ways to talk about the subject (like interviewing indie designers that pop up regularly in my search terms).


Another great thing about using your search engine terms– the great and HYSTERICAL ways people find you.  “Wireless vibes for fat girls” — what?!


Do you regularly use your search terms to produce new content?  How do you feel that the process works for you?  Do readers respond well to you revisiting similar content?


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29 Responses

  1. My Dressy Ways

    GREAT tip! It’s always interesting to see what sends people to my blog but I’d never thought of using it as a blog post. Thanks!

  2. M @StyleSizzle

    This is actually a pretty good idea. I look at the word searches sometimes and see some pretty crazy stuff but like you pointed out, maybe that’s a good way to get some creative, wacky posts! Thanks for the tip

  3. Allie

    In the past I have done posts just on these and they are so much fun! I will include real search queries about fashion, and then a couple of the ones that made me scratch my head. Best thing? They usually bring a lot of great comments and discussion as well!

  4. Rachel C.

    Fantastic idea & something I hadn’t thought of before. I have some pretty entertaining search engine terms that could also be used. 🙂

  5. birdie

    Oh my gosh. I giggled at some of those search terms. Great idea!

  6. HerMajestysGlam

    Thanks! That’s a great idea because last week I had some bit of writer’s block and didn’t know what to write about! Now, I’ll always know what to do if that happens again! What an awesome tip!
    Kat Alexander, “Her Majesty’s Glam” Owner & Founder of “The Kathryn Radford Inspiration Charity”
    [email protected]

    ***Come visit my site for a HUGE GIVEAWAY GOING ON UNTIL AUG. 1st! We also have a smaller giveaway going on right now from this morning’s blog on “Her Majesty’s Glam”!

    ***Her Majesty’s Glam is also looking for July’s Best Fashion Blog, so sign up everyone for your blog to win…plus you get goodies for winning!

    Much love in Fashion ~ Kat

  7. Jamie

    I’ve been using google analytics, but mostly just because my husband set it up… I didn’t realize I was able to look up the search engine info! This newbie is learning lol Thanks for sharing!

  8. No Guilt Fashion

    This is a great way to find new post ideas. I am usually only blogging my OOTDs, but once a week I try to blog about specific topics as I get a fancy.

    Off to check my stats!

  9. Jaime @ Debutante Media

    Oh, my dear Ashe, you’re so right: the best are the TOTALLY out there ones. I got tons for my post about Winkers Jeans and somehow Denim Debutante pulls some of the WEIRDEST search terms.

    And I haven’t told you lately, but I adore you. Great tips, and totally fantastic writer’s block avoidance! 😀

  10. Shybiker

    Clever idea for a post. I laughed when someone once searched for my blog by typing “Shybiker and big words.”

  11. Wilma Jean

    This is one of the most obvious ideas that I never realized. Thank you for this post. I really needed to see this!

  12. the fashion turd

    having a blog name like ‘the fashion turd’ you can only imagine the kind of search engine key words that people type in and eventually turn up at my blog!…nice idea though

  13. Dayner

    I’ve NEVER thought about this, what a brilliant idea. I use analytics but don’t really use it to its full potential. Can’t wait to go through mine now!

    Dayner x

  14. kavery

    Great idea for a post. Just had a look at my search words and ‘long weekend’ was searched the most.

  15. Madeleine

    Such a great tip. I checked it right away on my blog, got many hits on rain clothes I noticed. Maybe shall write more about it later. I take my imaginary hat of for you and this tip.

  16. Lia

    Love love LOVE this post. I now have cunning ways to come up with themes and ideas for posts. I love blogging but as a journalist and b logger I don’t always want my wok to overlap, however as I am only just starting out I feel the need to fill out my blog a little more and sometimes re-post articles I’ve written…. Is this ok?!

    xx Lia

  17. Rachel

    I never thought to use them in that way! Interesting though. They do provide a good laugh though! :p x

  18. Melanie

    I love the idea! My stats are things I’ve already blogged about, though.. like a Zara editorial or when Black Swan came out. I bet I can find a way to expand on them, though!

    xx, Melanie