5 Must-Have Free Iphone Apps for fashion bloggers

Photo by Nando M Alvarez


A few weeks ago on Pro Blogger there was a post titled Top 20 iPhone Apps for Bloggers . Taking his own advice from reading 31 days to a better blog, I decided to make a continuation post.  I enjoyed reading the post and it was very insightful as to why these apps would  be helpful and resourceful. However, I am not a tech blogger, I am not a mommy blogger, and I am a food blogger, I am a Fashion Blogger. I need certain types or inspiration and tools to keep me going through out the day.

I decided to add on 5 apps that I believe are helpful to fashion bloggers and weren’t on this list.


5 iPhone apps for fashion bloggers:


  • Instagram: Most fashion bloggers I know with iPhones have been Instagram crazed for the last few months. It’s a fun app that lets you take and filter photos. I've seen some bloggers go as far as make a whole post with Instagram photos and they've done well with it.  One of the perks of Instagram is that it can make a average photo look more artistic. Another convenient feature is that you can share your photos through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more. You can follow people whose photos you enjoy and keep up with them through your stream. Oh and to put the cherry on top you can add the URL to your site. (Free)


  • Hootsuite: While Problogger did mention Facebook and Twitter separately, I would rather use Hootsuite. I tweet for both my @NubiasNonsense handle and @_IFB. I would hate to not be able to switch from one to the other. Hootsuite will also let you handle multiple Facebook accounts. I tend to like things that make my life easier, it’s already hectic enough. (Free)


  • Xiamen Meitu Technology: This is a photo editing app that lets you add brightness and contrast when certain photos don’t come out to your liking. The only down side is that the app is in Chinese which was a bit confusing to me at first (since I can’t read it) but it’s quite obvious how to use it.  It also allows you to add cute effects to photos such as sunlight, spots, little stars and more. Also, this program includes a variety of filters. (Free)


  • Style.com: Need inspiration? Style.com has you covered. Check out the latest runways shows from NYC, Paris, Milan, and London. This app also gives you access to images of parties from around the world and to their video library. One of the perks for this app is that it keeps me current with trends, designers, and gives me outfit inspiration. Did I mention it stores of to 10 years of runway images? I could check out the year 2000 on it if I wanted to right now. This is an excellent app, maybe one of my favorites. (Free)


  • Pinterest: Sometimes you have to step away from something to be able to see the bigger picture. I think Pinterest is an excellent app because it isn’t just fashion inspiration but inspiration in general (food, landscapes, pets, etc.). Make your own board and share it with others as they share theirs with you. (Free)


These are some of my personal favorite picks. I can go on for quite some time talking about more fashion apps but I’ll limit myself to these. Do you adore any apps that weren’t on Probloggers list or mine? Let me know I’d be very interested in hearing about it, I'm always searching for something new.


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    • Nubia Mejia

      Perfect photo isn’t free an the free version has very limited options and very bad ratings. Trust my Meitu isn’t that hard to understand at it’s great.

  1. Clarissa

    You can also use: Photoshop Express (Ps express) app, I think it was free and you don’t need to know chinese to work it! 🙂

    • Nubia Mejia

      I don’t believe PS express has as many options for sharpness and filters. Meitu isn’t that hard to understand and I like it better overall. You should try it =)

  2. Faiza

    Have all the above apps including Instagram but haven’t tried using it yet & not familiar with Xiamen Meitu. Will have to try these two out. Thanks for sharing…;)

    Faiza xo

  3. kd

    Totally addicted to pinterest!!!! They have a long way to go with features but they are getting there.

  4. bonita

    ~ * ♥ * ~

    I have 3 out of 5 of those apps; and right now I am totally into Instagram! I am so keen to try out the Xiamen Meitu Technology app now. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  5. Pia

    Among the listed above, it’s only Xiamen Meitu that haven’t used/tried. I love Instagram and Style.com app!

  6. Lola T.

    These are nice Iphone applications because it is useful and free. I wish I have an iphone so that I could be able to use it because editing photos is very great.

  7. Linda

    Useful post Nubia, thank you!
    I blog on an iPad and have tried tons of photo apps, I recommend InstantCam, Lo-mob and Photo Pad. Between them I can generally improve my photos! Pininterest is great but not on an IPad!

  8. Sean

    thanks for the xiamen rec, would never have found that otherwise and it looks like fun!~

  9. Mariel

    wow tnx for sharing I love style.com, normally I edit my pics with Photoshop but I will keep Xiamen Meitu in mind if I want to fix something on the spot and can’t get to my laptop.

  10. Brandon S.

    I’m continuously searching for good new apps to use. It always baffles me at how many apps are out there…some I’ve seen or heard of, most I have not. Great post, good information, thanks!

  11. Tina

    a new fashion app RE.MU is also great for bloggers. They are available (free) on iOS, Andriod, and the web (www.re.mu)