The IFB Project #4 Roundup: Recreate A Special Outfit

This week the IFB Project was to recreate an outfit from a special occasion. It was enjoyable looking at everyone's posts and reading the heartwarming stories. Thank you for sharing. I've probably mentioned this before but I'll say it again, items with memories are immensely valuable because they have meaning. Below you'll find some of our favorite looks from this project.



IFB Project Roundup:


  1. IFB Project #4: Hear the story behind this vintage cardigan.
  2. 17 again in the first day outfit recreation: Love is in the air….. Again and refreshed.
  3. Wedding Day to Date Day: This lovely lady recreated her wedding dress! Fancy.
  4. Hindsight is 20/20:
  5. Pork Pie Hat, Keeping it Simple: I recreated a gift I gave my boyfriend in my own style opposite from his.
  6. IFB Homework: Past and Present: Watch this party girl recreate her first New Year's Eve dress!
  7. 16 meets 26: A post dedicated to a long lost friend.
  8. Gypsy Pirating Since 92: This doll recreates an outfit from when she used to play with her brothers. Also there's a baby picture for comparison!
  9. One time I became one with the forest and it was pretty cool: This lady reconnects with the forest in pretty lace and cardigan.


Stay tuned for our 5th project which will go live this Friday. To view all the submissions from this week, click here. Thanks for participating! Spread the word and lets keep this growing!


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8 Responses

  1. TheStylishButterfly

    Thank you for liking my little story and outfit. I used to wear my brothers’ hand-me-down shirts when we were younger and they’d fit me because I have very broad shoulders. And now I wear my bf’s shrunken t-shirts at home sometimes 🙂 I believe in “thy shall not be wasteful.”

    • Nubia

      You’re welcome! I thought it was very special. I look forward to seeing you participate next week.

  2. angela patton

    Aww…this is very nice! I actually have not experiment on these kind of fashion. I am more on the strong-women-boyish kind of look. I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about. hahaha You see I like fashion but I’m not too confident of these kind of outfits suits me. I am more of the Angelina Jolie wardrobe die hard. Well, something like that. Smart looking, sexy, dominant, n confident kind of look (so as they say). I don’t know if playful or other looks will fit me and my personality. Don’t get me wrong…these are fabulous!