Recognizing Limitations in Blogging


Earlier this week I talked about the reality of working full-time and trying to blog full-time.  The comments on the post still amaze and astound me– so many wonderful women sharing their struggles of doing it all.  I think that's often a problem for women nowadays, feeling that we need to do it all in life and commit 100% to doing so.


It's easier to say than do (and I say this with very personal experience): but it's okay not to do it all.  It's okay to want to blog professionally, but need to devote less time to doing so.   It's okay to take your time or need to take years to do so, and it's okay to not find success overnight (frankly, I'd be skeptical if my blog exploded overnight).


So for those trying to balance work, school, families, and blogging–all full-time, here are some tips.  Some are mine, some are yours.  All in an easy, inspirational, and guilt-free serving cup (if only cupcakes were so good!).


  • Remember that real life comes first. Vahni made a great point when she said, “Also, I find that taking snaps and Instagrams as I go along, regularly, is not only rude if I’m with others, I miss out on being IN the moment while I’m trying to capture it.”  Two days ago was my birthday. I tried to take photos throughout the day as I could to show off the fun I was having… but at the end of the day, I forgot to get an outfit post!  That's okay– because being in the moment with my boyfriend, eating chocolate torta and drinking wine was more important than an outfit photo (and it's not like I won't wear the dress again).
  • Have a realistic idea of what you can accomplish. I've stopped trying to write 5 times a week.  If I can get 2-3 posts on my site each week (on top of the 1-2 I write for IFB each week), I'm thrilled.  If that means I won't become a super blogger while I'm working full-time, that's OK–I can define success by my own terms.  Neahle Ize` Jones recommends setting up an editorial calendar to help you with this– if you can't find time to schedule it? Take it off your plate!
  • Recognize where your strengths are, and where you enjoy spending your time.  There are so many social media platforms, and as bloggers, I think we end up feeling like we need to use them all.  Focus on what you enjoy most and what works best for you.  For me, I tend to stick to Twitter.  CCA agrees saying, “I have not entered the world of Facebook yet because I don't think I can handle that. My blog and twitter seem doable for now.”
  • “Stick to my fun outlet but be honest with my expectations,” says Cady.  Yes! We may not become superstars and famous, but there's enough room for us to all reach our goals, especially if we are supportive of other members of the community.
  • Realize no one is putting pressure on you but yourself. Thank you, Crosby, for this great reminder!  Let's face it– our readers won't start writing hate mail if we go from 10 posts a week to 5, or from 5 to 3.  They'll still be around to read what we post and when we post it.  That pressure?  That's coming from YOU.  That's coming from an effort to keep up with other bloggers who don't have the same schedules, lives, or goals as yourself.  So cut yourself a break and treat yourself well.
  • Make a list of what gratifies you during the day, whether it's blogging, tv-time, snuggling your cats/dogs/partner, or going for a run. Replicate those things that make you feel good as often as possible.  Decrease the ones that don't.  Check out Do You Keep a Universal Grocery List? (it's a fabulous read!)
  • MJ, all remind us: Sometimes you have to work hard and put in long hours to make your dreams come true. Many people mentioned time management as the tool that ultimately helps keep them balanced.  Frankly, I'm REALLY bad at time management… it's something I need to work on more and less following of my muse!
  • says, “[Remember] that you are human. Go outside, breathe fresh air, take a day off!”
  • And above all– remember you started doing this because it was fun.  So many of you mentioned this, and it couldn't be more true!  If it stops being fun, figure out what it needs to become fun again.



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  1. MJ

    Amen to that! I know I suffer from superwoman syndrome sometimes so it does take effort to relax!

    This was a great round up and I’m so excited to be included! Thank you!

  2. Kayla

    Great post! I love a lot of the tips – especially the one about how often you post and the pressure that comes with it. I never had considered it that way.

  3. The Icon Concierge

    This is so true I work over 50 hours a week, and I blog about 30 hours a week, something has gotta give and it shouldn’t be my husband or commitment to my home.

  4. debi

    it is important to produce posts i really am happy with.there are famous bloggers out there who don’t post daily.and post only once a week or so.i am a student and have a lot of free time but i cannot go on talking & thinking about my blog when i am with people with whom i have a whole life lo share.i love to blog and do so with cherish.i want to have sponsors someday.on the days i don’t post i visit other’s blogs.i regularly read and post on every blog i follow to show the support i receive from them.
    keep the pressure down and have fun with blogging.

  5. Daniel Dunt

    Everything you said was completely true; to be fair, as I’ve now left school and began my Summer break, I have been a little bit of a geek and I spend near to an entire day sat on my laptop; I then sleep, and then wake up and do it all again! I wouldn’t complain, seeming I enjoy it and I love getting comments and compliments for my work, as well as interacting with other bloggers, yet I know for a fact that my family notice when I get stressed out and it drives me crazy if I’m sat ready to post and cannot think of a thing to post about! Perhaps that going outside idea might be for the best! – Daniel Dunt

  6. Carmen

    Great post. I’ve actually been trying to juggle a full-time job, blogging and being married, which can be overwhelming. At times, my blog has even come in between my marriage, which really made me reflect on what truly were my priorities. I now manage my time a lot better and just wake up a few hours earlier to blog 🙂

  7. lisa

    I like how you rounded up the most salient points from the comments and reposted them. Good reminder to bloggers to ease up on the pressure they put on themselves.

    Have a good weekend Ashe!


    Another excellent post, Ashe! I still marvel at how much you DO write with a partner and a full-time job. You’re already doing a LOT!

    Thanks for the mention, too!


  9. Casee Marie

    There’s so much in this post worth remembering – I want to put the whole thing on a Post-It and stick it on my mirror for daily inspiration. I especially loved the point about recognizing when you’re pressuring yourself. Wonderful post!

  10. julia

    I can’t tell you how glad I am that you wrote and compiled this Ashe; sometimes I feel like I’m the only one going at like, 200 miles per hour to get everything done, without making time to stop and smell the flowers. So glad to know others are in the same boat -and I need to take a step back!

  11. Iris

    Sometimes you’re so cut up by doing everything for your blog. It is indeed a nice reminder that you’re human and need to go outside sometimes and just life. It’s also great for inspiration. Thanks for this post!

  12. Castle Fashion

    😀 I love this post.

    Honestly at some points I’d be posting 12 times a week and other times once or twice. I think that it’s easy to forget our own lives when we get caught up in the “blogger hype” so to speak. Thank you for this post.

    More like this please! 😀 I need my daily dose of reality-smack-in-the-face.

  13. Lou Jones

    This is a great post. It’s easy to get wrapped-up in your blog, as it’s your “baby” if you like, but sitting in front of a computer all day when you could be experiencing real life is a big sacrifice of your time. Thanks for this post!

  14. Neahle Ize` Jones

    Thank you so much for quoting me!

    Setting up the calendar does relieve the pressure to come up with an idea for a post. I keep lists of potential posts under each topic – in case I happen to be uninspired one week I can just pick from the list and write. I do feel pressured to post at least once a day to grow my readership, I’m resolving that by inviting guest bloggers and I’ve recruited friends of a similar mindset to join as contributors! Now I have an editorial staff that further relieves the pressure on me.

  15. Macarena

    Great post! Those things are so important, but sometimes we just forget about fun and enjoy life (and enjoy bloggin’ of course).

  16. kavery

    Point #5 is so true!
    I actually woke up one night and realised I was the one putting pressure on myself. Late night revelations are the best!
    Most importantly we should all have fun while blogging, else what’s the point of it?

  17. Diane

    Great post. When blogging isn’t fun anymore,then we know we need to stop. We NEVER want to get to that point. So days off to refresh will actually help you with your writing.

  18. Emily

    That final point is so right!! I did start this blog for fun and as long as it stays fun, I will keep putting in the hours! Another great post Ashe 🙂 xx

  19. Alexandra Highcrest

    I remember years ago when blogging was fun and/or personal, a form of individual expression anyone with access to a computer and the net could use. The motivations were not making money or achieving some sort of fame, it was only expression. My view on my own blog is still the same; I feel little or no pressure to post often and I’m not driven by desires for fame and fortune. I still feel a real sense of satisfaction whenever I do publish an article, and my blogging never gets in the way of the rest of my life. Simple, no?

  20. Rachel

    great post. you see so many bloggers desperately apologizing for lack of posting, but it’s normal for blogging to not be the top priority of each day! Life should be lived.. I don’t think readers mind anyway. x

  21. Nicole

    This is such a great reminder, and one I really really needed. I’m fairly new to blogging and I love it – way more than my real full-time job as an attorney, although that has it’s benefits too. As much as I love it and wish I could do it all day every day, I have to remember that I don’t have to be a perfect blogger immediately. All good things in life take time to develop anyway.

  22. Salina

    Awesome post! This really came at the right time for me. I’m a perfectionist, I just need to realize when good enough, is actually good enough. 😉 Thanks.