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Southern Fashion Bloggers
(New Orleans Chapter), image via Rach LaRoche

One of the hardest parts of being a blogger is that it's such a solitary sport. Unless you're lucky enough to have a partner to blog with, you're pretty isolated. Your partner won't understand when you're bitching about your pagerank or PR pitches, and they sometimes get in the way when you're writing.


This is why you need blogger friends. While the internet is great for making long-distance friends, sometimes… you want someone closer. Someone you can grab a cup of coffee with and share horror stories with. That you can bounce ideas off of. Or who at least gives you a reason to change out of your leggings in to a great dress.


Chances are, if you're near a city or at a university, there are going to be a few fashion bloggers in your community.  They may be hard to find (check out the IFB forums–there are tons of city & state and even country-specific threads looking for nearby bloggers!), but they're out there.  And they're just as eager to find you as you are to find them!


Start Small…

  • Just one or two (and you!) is all you have to start with!  If you're hard-pressed to find another fashion blogger in your area, try meeting up with other bloggers in general.  A blogger is a blogger; even if they're in a different niche than you, they'll still have valuable information, stories to share, and empathy!
  • When you're first meeting up, you don't need anything fancy or formal! Keep it low key so everyone's comfortable: a coffee shop, a great lunch spot, or drinks at a fun bar after work.
  • Don't forget name tags!  If you've got more than 4-5 people, it may be hard to remember those new names and sites to visit.
  • Send out a follow up email, thanking everyone for attending and sharing links to their sites.  It's a great refresher!


Form a Group…

  • Word of mouth picking up? Got more bloggers than you ever expected? Create a group! Create a Facebook fan page or group to keep in touch and set up a newsletter (I love Mailchimp) to promote members and upcoming meet-ups.
  • Set up a blog–  promote your members, provide tips and information, share event and designer information, and use SEO to help OTHER bloggers in your area find you! (See Southern Fashion Bloggers and Texas Style Council for examples!)


Plan a Few Events…

  • Again, start small! Get in touch with a local designer to see if your group can tour their studios.  Check out a fashion film or exhibit at a gallery.  Host a fancy cocktail hour and secure swag bags and free champagne.
  • Match up with a few bloggers and host an event to promote your sites! Make it engaging so the general public will want to come and introduce your site to new audiences.  See How to Host an Event to Promote Your Blog for tips on how to do this!
  • Organize a fashion swap or yard sale!  You can make it closed to other fashion bloggers only, or charge a low admission fee and open it up to the public.
  • Take a cue from Fashion 2.0 in NYC to see how they organize events– over 300 bloggers RSVP'd for their last meet-up!


Keeping in touch with your bloggers, in person, is just as essential as maintaining a community online.  There are so many ways to go find, meet, and interact with your local blogging community, that these tips are just the top of the iceberg– ones that I've done or have seen in the New Orleans community.


Do you have any tips for meeting the local blogging community and creating events for them?


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20 Responses

  1. Daxia

    I always wanted blogger friends 🙂
    It’s hard to find any for me though. I don’t know any bloggers my age (13) and I’ve met older people, but it’s kind of awkward. What do I doooo?


  2. Leslie

    Thanks for the Southern Fashion Bloggers shout-out, Ashe! Christy & I hope to see you at the next event 🙂

  3. Mary @ stylefyles

    Great idea for an article. I would love to meet more LA bloggers – there have to be tons of LA fashionistas, right? For some reason, I have trouble finding the blogs of LA fashion bloggers, let alone actually meeting some in person!

  4. Iris

    I was thinking about this! So now I just have to do it! Great article! I will search for the dutch bloggers on the forum and invite them….


  5. Jrich

    SOunds Like a Good Idea.. Im interested in finding blogger friends.

  6. Daniel Dunt

    I’ve been looking for a couple of blogger friends and bloggers who are near me in terms of location; I’m near London, United Kingdom yet because I’m rather young, I’ve always thought that older bloggers might be put off with a meet-up. If anyone has a little meet up going on near London, be sure to let me know! – Daniel Dunt 😀

  7. Diane

    I enjoyed reading your post. I wish I lived close by to you girls. This meet and greet sounds so fun! Love your pic,too!
    I have to give some thought as to how to set up a group on FB. I have a lot of followers on that page.
    If you have time,would love for you to check out my blog,let me know what you think.
    Take care,

  8. Style Chic 360

    This is such a great article. Thank you!
    I recently attended to recent Blogger Meet-ups within the last two weeks. I posted about them in my latest post.

    It has been so much fun meeting up with like minded and such beautiful people.

    These tips are really helpful to me as I am thinking of starting a “formal” group for us IFB, thank you so much!


  9. Megan R.

    I live in Montana. There are zero fashionable people here. Boo.
    However, I do attend college in Oregon. So perhaps I need to find some fine fashionistas.

  10. Candyce Nicole

    I just attended my first blogger meetup on Saturday. It was awesome!

    I enjoyed being surrounded by beautiful and fabulous Atlanta fashion bloggers…and I won a prize during one of the raffles! The gift bags we received were full of goodies, too!

    I can’t wait to do this again. As a new blogger, it was wonderful to meet women who have been doing this for years. And I loved having the chance to meet some bloggers that I’ve been following!

    I hope everyone has the chance to connect with bloggers in their area :o)

  11. Erin

    Hmm. I wonder if there are any meetups in Minneapolis. How I miss NYC; there was *always* some sort of meetup.

  12. Shirley

    Love the article! I am in Latin America, and I would love to create a Spanish speaking community of bloggers. However, here the distances get tricky. What do you advise in this case?

  13. Blue Iris Rivera

    i like this article. i actually think that ifb should have a forum for everyone to introduce eachother. sometimes it can be a hassle having to chase people around on different blogs when there could be one whole forum right here which would be easy to keep track of new friends. although i guess that’s why we have groups on ifb i suppose. but it was just a thought.

    great post!

  14. Safira

    Love this post! I was thinking this as I am a really new blogger, don’t know much about it and would love to meet like-minded people.

    If anyone is in London and would like to meet up drop me a message and if there is enough interest we can do a meet up!

    Happy blogging!

  15. Saskia Sacro

    I’m really interested in finding new blogger friends especially those outside my country ‘coz we get to influence each other by sharing what we know about fashion. I think it would be a big help for me, since I’m just new in blogging and there are still a lot of things I need to know about blogging 🙂