How to Get Inspired and STAY Inspired With Your Blog Reader

Inspiration: it comes in funny ways and from funny places.


My Google Reader and I, we have a funny and sometimes fickle relationship. I go through phases where I love the people behind the blogs I read, but I find myself… uninspired by them. Skimming quickly through the comments. Half absorbing the content before moving on to the next post. Maybe you have a similar relationship with your Google Reader or BlogLovin' (or whichever tool you use to keep track of blogs)?


It breaks down my relationship with blogging and the community to have this sort of relationship with my Google Reader.  So while I'm looking to rekindle my romance with other blogs (soft candle light, a bottle of wine, and maybe some slow jazz, anyone?), I thought I'd share 4 tips that have worked for me in the past.


  • Slow down and READ your content. If you're like me and get to the point of skimming your reader for content and are left feeling uninspired, slow down and read those posts. Participate in The Comment Challenge— I found it greatly change my perception of what I was reading!  When I set a goal for myself to comment more, I became more engaged with what I was reading, slowed down my reading, and allowed myself to process it the information.  In general, I find we go through our lives so fast, trying to fit it all in, that we often leave ourselves unfulfilled because we don't take time to enjoy what we're doing.  Enjoy reading other blogs! Make your blog reader a place to pop in and relax, be inspired and find beauty, ideas, and excitement.
  • Go through your blogs and figure out which ones excite you, leaving you anxious new content. Got a few that you just can't, for the life of you, place who writes it? If I can't figure out who the writer is from the blog title, than it gets cut from my Google Reader.  If their voice & site haven't made an impression on me, one where I can immediately recognize when they post, than it's time to cut them.
  • Purge your reader. That's right! Grechen wrote about why she stopped reading fashion blogs— and deleted them all from her google reader. Those that she missed? She eventually added back.  I've found when I go through a mini-blog purge… that I often don't miss a lot of the blogs I read.  And I'm getting ready to make the move and do a huge purge.
  • Diversify your reading. The posts and blogs that leave me most eager to read them aren't always fashion blogs. They're great food blogs (like Budget Bytes), animal sites (like Zooborns and the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee), or hysterical lifestyle blogs (like The Bloggess).  This is a reminder that just because we chose to become fashion bloggers doesn't mean that's our only interest.  You'll stay inspired, motivated, and energized if you're feeding all of your loves and interests, side by side.

What tips do you have for keeping the spark alive with your Google Reader (or Blog Lovin')?


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28 Responses

  1. For Those About To Shop

    All wonderful tips and I’ve used them all. I work on being in the moment when reading blogs rather than rushing through to the next one and commenting only when inspired to do so. I’ve attempted to purge my Google reader subscriptions and seem unable to get rid of them. Any tips?

  2. lisa

    I did a blog purge on my Google Reader a while back and it was the most liberating feeling ever. The ones that were left were blogs I was really excited to read It makes my Reader a less daunting page for sure.

  3. Fajr | Stylish Thought

    My reader and I have not been friends for quite some time. Right around the time I decided to subscribe to every blog under the sun!

    Great tips especially purging and diversifying so you don’t get bored with the blogs you read.

  4. Patti

    That’s a great point about recognizing the voice of the blog you’re reading. All my favorites are so recognizable.

  5. SandyT

    Thanks for the reminder to…breathe.
    I am new to the blogging world and while I am adoring what I am doing and exploring other’s blogs at times it has felt a little like a firestorm – trying to absorb too much too soon. Focusing on quality reading time is a great is a great tip.

  6. Nella

    Good points you have here, it is nice when you have the time and feel relaxed enough for slowing down and can spend time on getting deep into some posts. There are so many inspiring people out there blogging about various things that might inspire you without even knowing about that in advance. I enjoy this very much!

  7. Jaida

    This was a really great post! I’ve been finding myself in a blog reading rut (if that’s what you wanna call it) lately. I definitely want to comment and engage more when I’m reading blogs. I do the blog purging every now and then already and it helps!

  8. Eli

    I just had to unsubscribe from lots of blogs on my RSS because they weren’t inspiring anymore…in fact there are a few more that can stand to go but I don’t have the heart to! I’m leaving to Mexico in a few days for 3 weeks and I’m already dreading the thought of how backed up my RSS will be when I get back!!

  9. grechen

    i need to remind myself of your last point – that i don’t have to read only fashion blogs. seems like i’ve forgotten all my other interests recently…

    also, since i purged my reader, i’ve only started reading blogs that i once looked forward to reading everyday – AND i read them online using bookmarks, not via my reader. antiquated, I know, but i feel like that’s the only way you really get a feel for the WHOLE blog. and it’s the way the blogger meant for you to read her blog…

  10. mochadaily

    I really like your post and I will try to follow them:)There are a lot of bloggers and it is really hard to catch all of them also all bloggers become more similar day by day. I will delete my google reader and I will discover new inpiring blogs as well as I will add old blogs that I inpired again:)

  11. vasare

    This is great post, I always use bloglovin but dint myself skimming quickly through photographs rather than paying much attention about the content though make -up blogs always make me more interested to read what times they have

  12. Ashlyn Williams

    i posted this article on my blog {tomorrow} such a great post! thanks so much! just what i needed & wanted to share it with my readers!

  13. roanjean

    Your last advice made me want to up the number of non-fashion related blogs that are in my reader and bookmarks. Though I’m greatly inspired by a lot of fashion blogs, I know there’s so much material and inspiration in the web.

  14. Joy

    Great post!
    They say ideas are just floating away in the ether so it’s a given that a million/billion people will have either similar ideas or radical concept in terms of creative output. And it’s certainly worth looking at other blogs or publications for inspiration, guidance, affirmation, trend, etc. 

  15. Lovely By Lucy

    I recognize this, because I had the same thing just a while ago.. But I’ve also decided to stop reading the blogs that didn’t interest me. Right now I’m following about 18 blogs about different topics, and I only go for interesting content or really inspiring style. I also try to pay really close intention to this when I write my own blogposts, I always ask myself: would I want to read it if I didn’t wrote it myself?
    It’s a really good thing to critically look at the blogs in your Google Reader or Bloglovin to see which ones you really want to read. It should be the content that gives bloggers followers!

  16. Castle Fashion

    These are awesome tips. I hate looking at my feed and thinking, “Why did I add this blog again? Oh right that giveaway” I end up purging blogs at least once a week.

    It’s a little annoying that you need to follow blogs for giveaways…especially if they’re not that great with content. But I guess I understand it.

    Anyhoo, I loved these tips 😀


  17. KimberlyYah

    Yeah I find I go through periods where I go purge crazy and I always end up adding the ones I love back. As a blogger I feel that its important that we provide enticing reads… that’s one thing I really need to work on.

  18. chrisbean

    I don’t use google reader: I use google homepage (aka IGOOGLE). And that’s made all the difference in me actually getting something out of blog-aggregation.

    The other thing is that I have certain blogs that are “on notice,” so to speak: I use iG’s “minimize this gadget” feature to zip-up blogs that I don’t want to read every day or be distracted by, and leave open the blogs I am enjoying (or vetting for more permanent inclusion).

    It’s a MUCH more useful tool than a standard RSS reader if you are in ANY way a visual learner or a visual person.

  19. Courtney

    I love my Google reader and one of my hugest pet peeves is when bloggers burn their feeds down. There’s maybe one site I have that I still go to that does that (because I love the blogger and she did it because of someone scrapping her feed).

    Anyway, about once a month, I go through and take off ones that haven’t updated in a month. Cutting down on bloggers who’ve stopped blogging makes me feel less anxious about the length of my feed.

    Also, I’ve added technical blogging-blogs (problogger, etc) and also some interior design blogs. I find this helps break up the monotony.

  20. Airene

    This is great post, nice advise to other bloggers out there.


  21. Denysia Yu

    I try to get rid of the blogs that either don’t interest me anymore, or haven’t updated every 3 to 4 months or so. I feel like that way, I’m always up to date with my readings on google reader.