The IFB Project #6 Roundup: Heat Waves


This week's IFB Project was fun! It was interesting going through the entries and seeing how everyone tries to cope with the heat. I find it extremely difficult to deal so I figured we can all share ideas amongst one another.After all, we can't walk around in our birthday suits all day.


Enjoy some of our favorite entries from this week below.


The IFB Project #6 Roundup: Heat Waves

  1. Escaping the Heat: Watch this lady escape the heat by bathing in the Mediterranean water.
  2. Accessories: This gentleman believes that the heat is no excuse not to wear stylish scarves and bandanas, interesting.
  3. DIY: Knotted shoelace necklace: This shoelace necklace keeps you stylish and is heat proof.
  4. Weekend Wardrobe: Boating on Lake Michgan: Take a boat trip and dress comfortably for the occasion.
  5. Girl vs. Heat Wave: Find some great tips on how to dress for your local heat wave here.
  6. sorelle in the sun: Why not have an fantastic day at the pool? Check out these fun pictures.
  7. Heat Waves: IFB Project #6: Enjoy a bowl of fruit along with some other tips on how to stay fresh.
  8. IFB Homework: Heat Waves: Here's a collage with some fresh ideas.
  9. 30 for 30 Remix: Cottage Edition: Enjoy a getaway! Cottage and the lake.


Thanks to everyone who participated this week. Make sure to check back Friday to see the new project that will be posted. I look forward to seeing all your entries again next Wednesday morning.


To check out all of this weeks entries click here.



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8 Responses

  1. Hallie

    Thank you for including me in this week’s round-up, Nubia!

    Can’t wait to check out the rest of these fabulous bloggers and what they’ve been doing to beat the heat. 🙂

    It’s a chilly 70 degrees in Chicago this week, hope things have cooled down for the rest of you!


  2. TheStylishButterfly

    It was such a coincidence! I published my DIY post on Thursday without knowing that I had done my hwk for IFB project #6. How fantastico, right? I was hit pretty hard with the heat wave, so it was a called for topic. Thanks for liking my shoelace necklace. I’m hoping to see someone other the myself wearing it. That would be AWESOME![can’t find a better word].lol.