The IFB Project #7: Channel your inner Amy Winehouse


I'm sure most of you heard the tragic incident that happened with singer Amy Winehouse. She was young, talented and sadly passed away. I don't know how everyone else feels about this, I've read some horrid things on the web that truly disturb me. People are entitled to their opinions I suppose. But I thought she was fantastic and refreshing. If anything, I would say that events like this teach me to cherish my talents, challenge my creativity, and always move forward. I hate seeing creative minds go or stray away.


Something you could always admire about Amy was her unique sense of style. She had a very distinct look about her. Her hair was out of this world! Her signature of course. Amy felt comfortable in her own skin walking down the street in her ballet flats and cat eyes. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind either.


IFB Project #7


I thought it would be a fun tribute for IFB Project  #7 to channel our inner Amy Winehouse. What makes you remember her? The red lipstick, beehives, high waisted jeans, tank tops, her good ol' rockabilly style? Do what you think represents her and submit it for this week's project!



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