The IFB Project Roundup: Channel Your Inner Amy Winehouse

This week's IFB Project was to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse's life. I was in awe of your submissions–Amy would have been flattered and impressed with these beehives. I seriously couldn't pick the “Queen Bee” of the bunch. It's so refreshing to see people remember her in a positive light. Check out all of these touching tributes below.


IFB Project Roundup: Channel Your Inner Amy Winehouse


Be sure to check back Friday for a new project. To see all of the submissions from this week click HERE.



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9 Responses

  1. Ioana Liliana

    She was a beautiful soul, so we can only hope that these tributes live up to that degree of beauty. Thank you for featuring me, as well 🙂

  2. TheStylishButterfly

    The winged-eyeliner made me look so bad-ass and I loved it! Wish I had blonde hair to complete the look. Well done to all participants! And thank you for including me in the roundup, Nubia. I’m loving the chameleon in me through these projects–keep’em comingg 🙂

  3. jacqui

    Thanks so much for including my set! It was fun and inspiring to look through everyone’s tributes 🙂


  4. Airene

    I notice there´s only one boy featured 🙂 that´s nice.