Professional Blogger Spotlight: Sammy Davis Vintage

Tell us a little bit about Sammy Davis Vintage


The Sammy Davis Vintage mission is to make vintage fashion more accessible to the contemporary woman. I write and produce video content to share the nitty gritty on not only where to buy vintage, but how to style it.


My YouTube web series highlights the great finds of various NYC vintage stores, and in each episode I show 3-5 looks styling the boutique's vintage with a modern piece to inspire any woman to integrate a little vintage into her personal wardrobe.


I like to describe my site as the “who, what, where and how of vintage,” as well as a community for vintage buyers and sellers to come together and share what they love most about this amazing fashion niche.


How did you monetize SDV? (i.e. consulting, ads, product sales, etc.)

For ad revenue, I'm a member of two blog ad networks. The site is monetized through the AOL Stylelist network and the web series with YouTube's Style Haul network.

I also offer my services as a social media & marketing consultant to NYC vintage stores (being a prolific Tweeter has its benefits!) and I'm excited to announce that I'll be launching the first Sammy Davis Vintage “product” very soon!


How has blogging affected your career?

After getting a degree in magazine journalism, I moved to NYC from Philadelphia to climb the corporate ladder in fashion publishing. In college I dreamt of launching the next JANE magazine (my favorite of all time, may she RIP!) and truly helping women to love themselves and their lives through its pages.


Fast forward three years, and here I am managing not a print brand, but a digital one; not working in a cubicle but working in my bedroom; not shopping at Saks but shopping secondhand!

Dreams don't change, they evolve, and blogging has allowed me to fulfill my greatest career desires as the definition of what it means to work in fashion continues to evolve, too.

I encourage everyone to keep a blog. It's an amazing way to explore your passion or anything else that might interest you in this awesome world we live in.


What are you working on now?

The “Sammy Davis Vintage Shopping Experience” was born after recognizing that while NYC is a hub of vintage boutiques, not every visitor or even lifelong New Yorker knows where to shop the best vintage. I'm excited to share that in a few weeks, you'll be able to shop vintage with me as I guide you to the best vintage stores in Manhattan for your shopping pleasure! I'm so excited to launch this business endeavor so that I can offer old and new vintage lovers with a personalized experience that suits their style, taste and shopping budget.


The tour will be offered at an introductory discounted price beginning August 15th, so check back to my site for more information on how you can experience some of the best vintage shopping in NYC with me as your guide & personal vintage style consultant!


What is the most important piece of advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?

I believe that showing appreciation for your readers not only encourages your audience to return to your site, but the act of saying “thank you” reminds us of all the amazing opportunities and chances to interact with people that blogging brings.
Blog not because you want to express what you know about style, but because the act of sharing your knowledge will inspire your audience to pass it on to others. I love my readers because they teach me new things, too. And thanks to the immediate connections of social media, you can personally thank your readers and show that you value them as much as they value you.


The best relationships are the collaborative kind–like when working on group projects in high school. Treat your audience with the same awe and admiration that they treat you, and you'll always have fresh ideas because they'll never stop inspiring you!



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10 Responses

  1. cca.

    Sammy is so upbeat and positive. Good Luck Sammy and I will make sure to take that tour when in NYC.

  2. Diana

    I like that she is so thankful for her readers. Without them, bloggers wouldn’t have the opportunity to become “professionals.” She is very sweet and I wish her luck!

  3. Diana

    I like that she is so thankful for her readers. Without them, bloggers wouldn’t have the opportunity to become “professionals.” She is very sweet and I wish her luck!

  4. Kate

    Love, love, love her youtube videos…I thought I knew all there was to know about thrifting, but I was wrong. Such an inspiration! Thank you Sammy!

  5. Mai

    Sammy is definitely one of my biggest inspirations and this post even inspires me more :)! I love how upbeat and informative her posts and videos are 😀