IFB Project #8 Roundup: Cherish Your Friends

Good friends can last a lifetime. Regardless of whether or not you can see each other every day, true friends are always understanding, loving, and supportive, no matter how close or far they may be. This week's IFB Project was a special one. I was truly touched by all of the heartfelt posts you dedicated to your best friends. The way you described them with such detail made each post come to life. It's so inspiring to see people come together and find a common ground that keeps them connected. I mean… What would I do without my best friend (aka shopping partner?!) Life wouldn't be the same with out her.



IFB Project #8 Roundup: Cherish Your Friendships

  1. IFB Project #8: Cherish Your Friends: These two cuties can talk to each other about anything!
  2. Whimsy Prints…: It's funny how something like style and individuality can bring best friends together.
  3. How to win B.F.F’s, and Influence People… The art of Bff-ery:Remember when we were little girls, and we had one best friend? The girl we did everything with”
  4. THE THREE OF US: These 3 musketeers enjoy soda and chips together
  5. Style ID: Christa Boffa: This lovely blogger interviews her best friend! Extremely adorable.
  6. Partners in Crime…: Some friendships are worth everything. These ladies have been friends since they were babies.
  7. IFB Project 8: I Can't Take You Seriously Without Pants: Best friends can sometimes be complete opposites.
  8. Best Friends Last a Lifetime ( IFB Project #8 ): “Its incredible how fortunate I have been…having these wonderful people around for so long (some of them almost 20yrs!!).”
  9. Sunday Best-My BFF On Her Birthday: Best friends for over 20 years who never has a single fight. How sweet!


It was hard to choose so please make sure to check all the submissions here. They were fantastic. I'll be back Friday with a new project for you all. Feel free to leave suggestions.



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