How to Prepare for a Blog Vacation


Regularly updating your blog is vital to its traffic and helping to grow and maintain your audience. But even the most diligent blogger needs a break from time to time. Just because you're going on vacation, however, doesn't mean your blog has to. Here are some options to consider the next  time you'll be MIA.


Go On A Pre-Vacation Writing Frenzy
If you're the type if blogger who starts writing a post 20 minutes before it hits the web, try increasing you work load in the days leading up to your vacation. You can schedule your posts to go up periodically throughout your trip, keeping your blog current even while you're away.


Take Your Readers With You
Nobody wants to be chained to their computer while they're away, but your readers may enjoy catching a glimpse of where you are (and of course, what you're wearing!) Posting a pic of yourself lounging by the pool or sightseeing is a great way to stay connected to your readers even on vacation.


Recruit a Guest Blogger
If you have a friend or know a fellow blogger who'd be interested in contributing to your blog, by all means, let them! In addition to temporarily relieving you if your duties, guest bloggers can bring a fresh perspective to your site and attract a new audience to your blog.


Stay Active on Social Media… if You're so Inclined
A lot of people who read your blog likely follow your social media accounts, too. If you can't blog everyday but still want to engage your audience, stay on top of your Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram pics, etc. It's a great way to keep in touch with your readers, even from afar.


Come Back Strong
When you return from your hiatus, make your first post as rich as possible–both visually and content wise. This is another opportunity to share pictures you took of yourself vacationing, as well as any street style photos you snapped and/or commentary about trends you noticed on your trip.


Have you even taken time off from your blog? How did you stay connected to your readers while you were away? We'd love to hear your tips!

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22 Responses

  1. Xizi

    Hey Leah!

    I’ve recently taken a lot of vacations. My blog’s first page now resembles more of a travel diary than a fashion blog! I even had a post titled “Missing in Action.” For me, the suspense is important. Keep your readers guessing where you will go next (and give them little clues/glimpses of where you’ve gone to help them). That way, they’ll keep checking back for more.

  2. Courtney

    I took a three week “vacation” while I got married, packed up and moved to a new city to start a new job. I didn’t plan any posts while I was away, but when I came back, I did a post on my wedding, which everyone really loved. And then I did a giveaway.

    Since then things have slowed down a bit but I can tell a lot of people came back, which is reassuring.

  3. Steff

    I know my comment might not be exactly what you’re look for. But for those of us who don’t think blogging is the most important part of the day, I don’t really think any special measures have to be taken before you can go on vacation. Sure, the dip in visitors is quite obvious whenever I don’t post for a day or two. However, it’s a bit of a pet peeve when I see a blogger apologizing profusely for not posting every single day. And so, if I need a break, I honestly just ignore my blog. I know the world doesn’t stop and start with my blog, and I trust my loyal readers to keep coming back to see if I’ve posted yet. If I know I’m going out of town for a few days, I might include a short note at the end of my last post before I leave, but otherwise it’s kind of a surprise when you’ll next see a post on my blog. And really, with almost 900 posts and thousands of links already on my blog, I think a kOs addict can busy themselves for a few days in my absence.

  4. Best Of Palm Beach

    Love this article, I recently went on a vacation and did not prepare anything to keep my blog current.

    Thankfully it was not a long vacation, however, in the future I will use some of these tips. I never want to feel the guilt of neglecting my blogging responsibilities again.

  5. MJ

    When my vacations are pre-planned I follow the first tip and go on a pre-posting frenzy! On my next vacation I definitely want to have some guest posters to switch things up a bit.

    I just took an unscheduled break and havne’t blogged in almost two weeks and I’m happy to say that I haven’t seen any changes in my numbers at all. But like you mentioned in this post, it is good to come back strong!

  6. lisa

    We’re only human and everyone needs a vacation sometimes. When you need a break from blogging, you should go on hiatus without apologizing for it.

    These are the things I like to do when I go on hiatus:

    -Announce the hiatus to readers (without apology!) and say when you expect to return to blogging.
    -Remain active on Twitter.
    -Check email and continue responding to event invitations, press releases, advertising inquiries, etc. If you’re going on a vacation full-stop and not checking email at all, consider setting an out of office auto-responder.

  7. Joel

    Hey! Great advice, i recently went on holiday for two weeks and whilst i was away my traffic increased because another blogger posted about me!

    Next vacation i will definitely be taking my followers with me 🙂

  8. Plami

    Great post! What I do before a vacation is to schedule regular posts and then just keep my facebook page updated which automatically sends tweets again and it works pretty good 🙂

  9. Rimi

    Since school’s starting up real soon, I won’t be posting as often, which I gave my readers a heads up about. Most blog readers don’t necessarily expect something every day, but I still take the time to prepare scheduled posts. I understand that bloggers are people too (haha!) and definitely need breaks from the blogging world, but to leave your readers an unusually long period of time can often come off as quite rude.

  10. Marju

    Great idea, i learn some of this post, i prepare my blog before i go to vacation. thanks for the tips you shared here.

  11. Style Maniac

    I read the advice somewhere — ProBlogger? Chris Brogan? — to never apologize for not updating your blog, and I completely agree.

    That being said, how often you post does impact your blog comments and stats, and now that I have advertisers I consider this more carefully.

    Pre-advertisers I simply announced any long vacations and took the week off with no posts, and readers responded with “go relax and have fun.”

    With advertisers on board, I felt I should inform them (just as I would a client in my decorating firm) that I would be away, and either not posting at all or not as often, and not replying to emails. The response was the same as that of my readers — enjoy, relax, have fun.

    If I’m just going out of town, not really on vacation, I’ll scheduled prepared posts while I’m gone and not say a word. But I do notice that comments and visits will drop a bit if you are not out there visiting other blogs.

    The one thing I don’t like to do is have a guest blogger fill in for me. I feel if someone has made the effort to write a guest post, I should support her by sharing in social media, commenting, visiting her site, etc; none of which I can do if I am truly on vacation.

  12. Sara

    I go on vacation a lot and I find everytime I leave for a while my blogs traffic dips. These tips are good!

  13. honeykid2

    That’s right, we’d better invite guest blogger to fill in while you’re on vacation, but still always remember all the things happening on your vacation for you to write it in your blog.

  14. Natalia Contreras

    Great suggestions! I’m actually going on vacation in about a month, so I think I better start recruiting some guest bloggers now…

    Anyone interested?!

  15. Michele

    I really found this post to be informative and useful. I’m a new blogger so it’s nice to know there are methods to still keeping intact with the blogging world while I’m away. This will come in handy.:-) Thanks!!!

  16. melmo

    Well I’ve just been on holiday a lot as well and I just didn’t blog anything the time I was away. But win I came back and posted some photos of my holiday, I got great feedback 🙂