IFB Project Weekly Roundup: What’s in your purse?

This week's IFB Project was fabulous. I loved seeing what's in everyone's bag, I'm such a curious cat and I'm still alive so Ha! It's interesting to see what everyone feels the need to carry around from day to day. There were so many great entries, thanks so much for participating!  You are all such a unique bunch.


Feel free to suggest any project you might be fun for the community, I'm all ears.


IFB Project Roundup: What's in your bag

  1. What do you have in your bag?: Adorable Hello Kitty Card
  2. Snapshots After Sunday: What's In My Bag: Beautiful Coach Wallet
  3. What's in my bag: Very important to carry a phone charger!
  4. What's in my bag: Nail polish. Perfect encase of beauty emergencies
  5. Show and Tell- What's in your bag?: Magazines make for great reading
  6. IFB Project #9: What's in your bag?: Check out this bag, seems to have almost everything
  7. What's in your bag?: Mini Altoids, notebook and cat eye frames amongst other items
  8. IFB Project: What's in your bag?: She carries 5 tubes of lipstick!
  9. Inside my (New Fringe) bag? : Check out this new fringe purse filled with goodies
  10. IFB Project: What's in my purse?: Such a cute leopard print makeup bag
  11. What's in your bag?: Shea hand cream is so good for you!
  12. What's in your purse?: A vintage sterling silver pillow purse lined with purple velvet, lovely


Don't miss out! Make sure to check out all the entries here.



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17 Responses

  1. Ashlei

    Oh wow! Thanks so much for featuring me! This was a great project, so much fun seeing what everyone carries in their bags. Not to mention the bags themselves 🙂


  2. Louisa

    It’s so great that my post made it here! I’m so happy! Great posts everyone, things like this are always my favorite!

    xo Louisa

  3. Yoshi

    Very interesting things to find in a women’s bag. Somehow oyu will be able to find out what’s the girl’s personality with it.

  4. Emman

    Girls really love to carry nice and cute things on their bags. Even the bags itself… they want it branded.

  5. TheStylishButterfly

    I think I got lost in those bags like some men! lol. I learned that I was the only with no makeup in her bag! Also, Burt’s bees chapstick is a popular item! I love seeing all your beauty essentials…keep looking good!

  6. Michaella

    ooohhh you should make the next project something like picking out the perfect outfits for the first few days of school or the very last days of summer

  7. Lainey

    Hello ifb! Still can’t believe I made it to the list!! Thank you, I am so humbled. There were so many great entries for this project! Thanks for inspiring me to blog more! Cheers everyone! 🙂