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When I was asked to write this week’s Tech Tuesday post on Pose, a start-up iPhone app that is partially sponsoring this year’s IFB Conference, I have to admit I was a little worried.  What if the product wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped and I had to fluff it up with false praise?  Fortunately my worries were 100% totally unfounded.  The Pose app, now in its significantly improved 2nd version, is a powerful fashion-sharing tool, allowing for an unprecedented amount of communication not just between bloggers and their fans, but, more importantly, between bloggers, stores, and the brands themselves.  Never before has the fashion community had as direct a line of communication with the stores and designers it loves as it now has with Pose 2.0.


How to Strike a Pose


Pose is a simple and intuitive app to use.  Simply download the free app on your iPhone (coming soon to Android), create a user profile, and you’re ready to post your favorite fashion finds to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

The way it works is you snap a photo of an item of clothing, tag it with the item’s price, brand, and store, and post it to Pose.  People following you can then “heart” the item or leave comments (new to Pose 2.0) about it.  In addition, Pose users also have the ability to add a Pose tab to their Facebook fan pages which could definitely help drive new fans to your page.

What Sets Pose Apart


So far Pose doesn’t sound too different from an app like Fashism and, in its ease of use and its user interface, it is somewhat similar.  But the Pose app has implemented a few significant new ideas into its platform that offer huge advantages to its users, stores, and brands alike.




Pose is Open-Ended


Unlike Fashism which is built primarily around a simple system of “love it” or “hate it,” Pose leaves the interactions up to its users.  And its users are many.  Through partnerships with brands like Levi’s, Aerie, and JewelMint, Pose now allows the in-the-store fashion lover to interface directly with their favorite brands.  This is important for a number of reasons: 1) brands can now get direct feedback on their products from the people wearing them (or before they’re even released to be worn if the brands are savvy) and 2) brands can partner with stores to reward Pose users for “posing” their products, offering discounts, promotions, etc.  If you really let your imagination run away with you can see some designers and brands going to Pose to crowd-source the design process, giving their followers products that are tailored to their specific tastes.




Pose is about Discovery


Sign onto Pose and you’ll immediately notice the “Discover” tab at the bottom of your screen.  Click on it and you’ll be brought to a page of “Posers,” especially stylish Pose users, “Popular,” self-explanatory, and “Featured,” which displays Pose users that the app thinks you’ll like.  Under these tabs well-known bloggers are consistently “posing,” such as the Man Repeller (Arm Parties abound here), Geri Hirsch, and Elle and Blair Fowler.  Nubia Mejia tells me,


“I can see Pose having great potential for bloggers. I joined it out of curiosity to see how it functioned and I noticed a lot of activity going on. By uploading one photo I got 13 followers and over 20 likes, I was shocked. It can also build relationships with brand and new followers. An app definitely worth exploring.”


Pose is an incredible app for inspiration when you’re looking for new styles or, for someone like me who shoots a lot of street style, a great tool for trend-spotting.


Considering that Pose launched in January of this year it’s pretty amazing to see what they’ve done in so little time.  Pose is a well-designed app with a great deal of possibility and big plans for the future.


Also, many many thanks to Alisa at Pose, who very helpfully answered questions I had about the app.




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      Indeed they are! I don’t have an exact date, but it should be released soon for Android phones.

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    wow! thanks for the info 🙂 I will download this now. I didnt new that, thanks!

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    I would love to get this app on my android, until than I will download it to my Ipad, thanks for the info 🙂