IFB Project #11: Evolution of Fashion Media

Isn't evolution scary and exhilarating all at the same time? Times are changing constantly. I remember when I was in Jr. High way back when, I would go to stores and stare at fashion magazines. I would buy a few, look through them, cut images out that I liked, and make inspiration boards! (I still do that sometimes) It was just magazines and books. You could pick them up with your hands and smell the fresh pages, although flipping through pages would sometimes give me paper cuts! Those were good times.


Then came a new era

For me it started with websites like Xanga, Myspace, and Facebook. I would go on those sites, write a short paragraph and post outfit photos. By the time I was graduating college I started discovering fashion blogs. For me it was love at first sight. I discovered Susie Bubble, The Coveted, and Fashion Toast just to name a few. Such inspiration and a new medium. I lurked around for about a year before I started my own blog NubiasNonsense and shortly thereafter discovered Independent Fashion Bloggers.  I found the blogging community to be very welcoming and I still do! It' pretty darn fascinating. I've gotten to meet some of my favorite people these days through blogging and have gotten a lot of career opportunities from it. I can probably write a short book about all the sites I've explored. A blogger writing a book? you don't say! Fashion media evolution my friends, which brings me to this…


IFB Project # 11: Evolution of Fashion Media

Inspired by one of the panels from the IFB Conference:


“Gone are the days when fashion media was all about glossy magazines and red carpet photos. As mainstream media moves online, how do blogs differentiate themselves from fashion sites? This panel–an IFB Conference first–will touch on this and more.”


Give us a list of the top 10 magazine/fashion sites/blogs you enjoy reading. Why do you go to them? What makes them appealing to you? How do they inspire you for your own blog?




The deadline for the project is Tuesday 12 a.m. EST. Have fun with it. I look forward to reading all your post and adding new sites to my blog reader.




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  1. CandyForToes

    Recently, I have been embracing a lot of iPad apps that revolve around fashion. Sure is easier carrying an iPad than 5 or 6 different magazines!

  2. The Editor

    I wish I could blog from my iPad. But I can’t! There is certainly a lot of change going on in fashion media, everyone (photographers, magazines, brands) have seemed to jump on the fashion-film bandwagon, and app stores are abundant with fashion magazine apps. Magazines clout will always reign over all other media, but they are naturally going to appeal to their digital consumers which make up a small percent of their consumerism, and that’s not to say that blogs and websites don’t play a vital role but they are not as lucrative to companies as magazine. I think the advancement in fashion media is mostly technology based and most useful for photographers and other creative personalities in fashion, which does include bloggers. Wish I could have attended that conference. t conference.

  3. Editor-In-Chic

    The funny thing is, with how fast the internet is changing, and how fast Tumblr in general updates I often find I have posted the trends/ fashion gossip BEFORE some magazines have gone to press. So, in the sense of timimg, blogging is fantastic as it’s faster and free! x

  4. Emily

    As much as I love fashion bloggers and the immediate accessibility to the world of fashion, there’s nothing like picking up a fresh, clean, and crisp edition of my favorite fashion publishing. To me, it’s a little bit scary how fast things are progressing. I love it, but at the same time it’s incredibly intimidating.

  5. a fashionable life for me

    I will always love a magazine in my hand! But I do download magazines and read them on my iPad. Access to information is instant nowadays and I do remember life before the Internet! I write 99% of my blog on the iPad which is amazing to be able to do, to be so free and informed is something we take for granted now.

  6. runawayinla

    Nothing beats like a fresh copy of a fashion magazine and a milkshake or two! 🙂 I agree, I feel like there are so many online magazines popping up around here these days, but I always love picking up a Nylon or an InStyle just because I love the feeling of being able to flip through the pages, and it really inspires me to work and blog more! 🙂