The IFB Project Roundup #11


Thanks to all of you who participated in the IFB Project #11: “Evolution of Fashion Media”. It was very intriguing going through your post and finding out what sites inspire you everyday. I even found a few blogs I didn't know existed! Ah, the beauty of sharing. The evolution of fashion media is most definitely something you want to keep up with everyday, especially if you love blogging and could see it opening doors for you in the future. It's constantly changing and I'd like to say it's imperative to be savvy on your tippy toes my dears! Check out the roundup below and also make sure to tune into the #IFBcon on Sept 7th for the Evolution of Fashion Media Panel.


Evolution of Fashion Media

3:30-5:00 pm

Moderated by: Ann Colville Somma, HolierthanNow • Panelist: Mr. Mickey, PaperMag • Mary HK Choi, MTV Style • Claire Sulmers, Fashion Bomb Daily • Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style • Joyce Chang, People Style Watch •  Christian Remrod,  Fashion Networks


The IFB Project Roundup #11: Evolution of Fashion Media

  1. IFB Evolution of Fashion Media / My Top 10 Fashion Sites: Check out the top 10 picks from the moderator of the IFB Conference “Evolution of Fashion Media” panel!
  2. IFB Homework: Evolution of  Fashion Media: This list has a nice beauty blog on it that I enjoy reading myself. Check it out!
  3. Currently Reading: Website inspiration: “While I still love flipping through my favorite magazines now and then, gone are the days when books and magazines are the only and main source for information and inspiration.”
  4. the evolution of fashion media– my top 10 (IFB Project #11): “Everyone knows this glossy magazine is the fashion bible. I look to this text for inspiration, insightful articles and relevant personalities.”
  5. IFB Project #11: The Evolution of Fashion Media: Women's Wear Daily is a fantastic read. Click to check out the rest!
  6. Top 10 Fashion Sites: “Over the last few years, blogs have gradually replaced my many magazine subscriptions. Sure, I still subscribe to a few, but with so much content online, it is much more economical to get my fashion fix on the web.”
  7. Evolution of Fashion Media: The “End” of Printed Magazines?: “Photos of fashion shows are available online as soon as the lights on the catwalk go out. The same happens for fashion related events too and we don’t have to wait for the monthly publications to come out.”
  8. IFB Project #11: The Evolution of Fashion Media: “I was reluctant to dive into the new online fashion media world; there was something so intimidating about blogs. I started as a passive observer of the new fashion media, occasionally reading some stylish girl’s fashion and style musings.”
  9. Inspiration-must checks! 🙂: Check out this bloggers top 10 sites and why they're her favorites
  10. IFB Project #11: Evolution of Fashion Media: “I am always constantly visiting and discovering new fashion sites and blogs, and reading new fashion magazines. It's hard not to, especially when living in New York where there's a store every few blocks away, or having the internet at your fingertips.”
  11. Evolution of Fashion Media (IFB Project): I peep one of my favorite street style bloggers on this list…Check it out!
  12. The Fabulous 10: “We, fashion bloggers, gain more and more influence, everyone can access information from any place in the world.”


To check all the fabulous entries, click here. Check back this Friday at 3p.m. EST for a new project! Fun stuff.


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  1. A

    Thank you for including me! It’s nice to know that there are so many Street Peeper fans out there!

  2. Klara

    wow that’s a pretty good collection!i haven’t heard about some of them before, but now a found really cool things! thx for sharing and big up to all recipients;)