IFB Project #12: Nail Fun

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I don't know about you but I go crazy when it comes to my nails! I have to change them every week, sometimes even twice a week. I get annoyed when they start to chip but I'm too busy to to repair them sometimes (my heart breaks a little).


This week we're going to keep the IFB project simple and sweet:


IFB Project #12: Nail Fun

Snap a photo of your current nail color/design and tell us why you have it on. What's your favorite color of the moment? Are you looking forward to any new colors for the Fall season? Hope you have fun with the project!

The deadline for this project is Tuesday at Midnight EST.



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9 Responses

  1. Poochie

    I’ve really gotten into manicures after taking a lot of time and care to grow my nails. Now I can’t get enough of polish and just bought a bunch of Konad plates and polishes. So I’ll be happily stamping designs left and right. I also tracked down about 5 of the China Glaze 2010 Holiday polishes, including Party Hearty. They are better than this year’s collection and I can’t wait for them. I’m polish crazy now!

  2. Emily

    Oh, I saw a line of polish that would do this at the store! Almost wound up buying some to sample but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work as well as promoted.

  3. Call me M

    Ehmm…I don’t know what happened but I submitted my post only once! :/ But now I see there are more links…I’m so sorry for that…