Cushnie et Ochs: SS12

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We started the proceedings at Milk Studios with a decidedly sexy tone.  As Cushnie et Ochs’ models teetered out (in vertiginous shoes made in collaboration with Aldo), wearing salaciously cut white dresses, I felt a weird nostalgia for the sort of showy WAG dressing (that’s wives and girlfriends of famous footballers).  That might sound like an odd thing to be nostalgic about but there is something to be said for daring to be super sexy at a very high end level and Cushnie et Ochs definitely showed a plethora of ways where revealing flesh and showing off a body can be interesting and ultimately, alluring.



What elevates it all is Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs’ cutting skills that got the technicalities of all these cut-outs to work as well as the smart deployment of  a demure knee length (it’s legs and boobs rule – you can’t show BOTH!).  Malibu Barbie then comes into mind when the dresses and matching shoes come in shades of hot pink and canary yellow proving that the duo have a sense of play up their sleeves that lightens up their hard-edged norm.


[Photos by Nando Alvarez]

Photos by Nando Avlarez

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