IFB Project Roundup #12: Nail Fun

Thanks to everyone who participated in IFB project #12. You sure do have some stylish nails! Sorry this round-up wasn't up by Wednesday, but as you may know it was the  IFB conference and we were all busy here at the office.

I love creative nails. I think they give people an extra edge, especially if you're wearing a simple outfit. I always notice hands.  Check out the fabulous ladies in the round up. They nailed it!

IFB Project #12: Nail Fun:

  1. Laquered Up: Check out this variety of nail art with some nice commentary.
  2. Nail Tutorial: Zebra Tips and Chanel 531 Peridot Nail Polish: Find out how to get Zebra tips from Sally Hansen strips!
  3. Shades of Red: “ I believe good manicure and taken care of hands and nails are a sign of culture and self maintenance.”
  4. Fashion Finds: Bold & Beautiful Nail Lacquer: Fun neon shades to change your mood up.
  5. Animal Cuteness: Ladybird Nail Art and a Guinea Pig Appearance: All I have to say is this title doesn't lie, Check it out.
  6. IFB project # 11: Nail Fun: A nail pen makes simple and attractive designs a lot easier.
  7. Nail Polish: Faves, Tips, and Tricks: Anyone who has read Grit and Glamour knows this pretty lady is all about her nails. Don't miss out on these tips!
  8. Nails of the Day: Colourful Arrows ( IFB Project): Fun multicolored nails including before and after photos!
  9. Kate Spade-Inspired Manicure:I spotted the adorable Kate Spade ad campaign featuring Bryce Dallas Howard. As I looked at it, I suddenly thought, these colors and patterns would look so cool as a manicure! So I decided to go for it!”
  10. Nail Art: Colored Galaxy!: Anything “galaxy” has quickly become popular as of lately. Check out this tutorial
  11. IFB Project #12: Nail fun: “What do you think of the shattered nails? I think they're super cool and trendy.”
  12. Superhero Manicure: Captain America on your nails? Say what!?  Captain Manhattan.


The next IFB project will be up today! Check back for it in a few.



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