Duro Olowu SS12 : 1950’s Jamacian Immigrants Arriving In England.

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Printed exuberance is running riot all over New York.  It feels very strange in a city where the dwellers revere and fall to black so often to be confronted with such a cornucopia of prints.  If other designers are ticking off a trend for trend’s sake, Duro Olowu, based in London, has been in this print mixing game for an absolute age.  This time round, it was a combination of 50s Jamaican immigrants arriving into England and Renée Perle, the muse of photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue that brought about a bevy of girls sashaying in all manner of patterns mixed in a way that still made elegant sense.  Florals, lames, leopards and stripes all jostled together in expert collages.  These are clothes to be worn with a broad smile.


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