5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

I may not be a professional photographer but I do my best at capturing beauty. As some of you may know, I do Twitter for IFB. New York Fashion Week has been pretty intense– behind the scenes, backstage, runways, trying to spot people… You name it and I've probably been photographing it. I try to include YOU (our lovely readers) in the process as much as possible. I know unfortunately not everyone can attend shows, but it's nice to get a sense of what's going on, isn't it? I often enjoy looking at other individual's live coverage and my preferred way to share photos is through Instagram.


In simple terms, Instagram is an iPhone app that lets you share your photos and play around with different photo filters. You can have your friends and people can follow you. You can also add your website and a short bio which makes this a potential traffic driver for your site if you have a good following. I remember hearing 6 million people signed up for Instagram in less than 10 months which I find impressive. The share settings are convenient for bloggers as well. You can share through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, and Foursquare. I am in love with the app and find it incredibly entertaining. Unfortunately, for now it's only available on a iOS platform but hopefully it will be open to more smartphones soon.  If you have an iPhone I highly recommended you download it– I mean, why not? It's fun, it's free and it can do nothing but help you. Here are some tips below on growing your Instagram account.


5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account:

  1. Find Your Friends: Instagram allows you to find your Twitter and Facebook friends. I might start off by following them since they're people you know. Start off by building a small community of people.
  2. Hashtag: I love to hashtag as much as possible. I go so far as to not even write a description sometimes and just hashtag my photos. For example, for Fashion Week, I've been using #NYFW. It makes photos easy to find which will attract people and BAM more followers. It works very well and might be one of my favorite methods. If you visit one of their third party sites, Webstagram, you can see which hashtags are popular.
  3. Have Some Photo Dignity: Upload good stuff! People can unfollow you just as easily as they followed you. I personally wouldn't upload tons of bad quality photos as I'm sure my followers wouldn't enjoy them and I wouldn't either. I know sometimes it's hard to get a good shot, but don't share it if it sucks. Plain and simple. It's almost like blogging,  Content is key.
  4. Be Friendly: Comment on people's photos regularly, make friends through the app, follow a decent amount of people. I think these are all basics in most types of platforms.
  5. Observe: Instagram has a “Popular” section. I would look around a see what works for other people. Look at their photos and see if you can pick up any tips from them.


I don't use Instagram for IFB as much as I should but I would like to start to. I have gotten great feedback on Twitter and I enjoying hearing how much people like the visuals.


Have you had any experience with Instagram? Care to add anything to my list? Let me know!



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5 Responses

  1. alixrose

    I agree. It’s been so great to follow people who are at fashion week.

    The only thing I would add is that I wished more of them used Diptic. The app lets you put one then more photo in one frame and goes straight to Instagram. It prevents them from flooding their followers newsfeeds. I am more inclined to “Like” and comment when there aren’t so many photos from the same user.

    I also wrote a blog post on who I’ve been following and enjoying from fashion week.

  2. Catie

    I finally got an account last week and it has been a lot of fun. I waited a long time because even though I’ve had an iPhone for 3 years, the fact that it’s only an iOS app at the moment seemed a little limiting/elitist to me, in terms of who I could follow and share with. I have found that it is just as fun as twitter – but you can only share images, so it cuts to the good part! I also like that you can “heart” things (similar to “liking” something on Facebook) if you have nothing to actually comment on, so you’re still connecting.

  3. Alanna

    I lurve Instagram and have been following the IFB account and thecoveted account for a couple of months and have really enjoyed your postings! I have about 90 some-odd photos…I have really fallen in love with this app.

    My name on instagram is Skanalanna


  4. Nat

    I have has Instagram for a few months now and I just read this. It helped me a little, but your so good at writing! I actually enjoyed this, keep up the good work! (:
    Also, my Instagram username is “natarlyialee_” follow me, I follow back!!!