Jeremy Scott SS 12: We Expect and He Delivers


The Jeremy Scott show was pretty wild to say the least. We expect and he delivers.  There was a lot of denim, fringe, cow print and color in general going down the runway. Fun patterns and stripes were also present. And I haven't seen so many butt cheeks in a long time (considering it wasn't swim wear.) There were no wings this season and not as much of a Harajuku/Lolita vibe as I've seen from him in the past. The clothes are absolutely enjoyable but I wouldn't say all of it is wearable. There are a few dresses I would enjoy walking around with and perhaps some of the denim pieces. As a big fan of pop culture I always look forward to Jeremy Scott… what can I say, The man knows how to entertain a fashionable crowd.




Photos by Nando M Alvarez

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2 Responses

  1. Mishka

    Not sure how I feel about all of the runway reviews, ya’ll! I thought IFB was a place to read about blogging for the community to get tips/share ideas/etc, not for reading about the shows I can read about on all major fashion sites.

    As IFB gets more press access to events like this, maybe there should be a separate section dedicated to this sort of post, and keep it apart from what most people (I believe) come here for: blog-enrichment & information. Maybe even a separate carousel for it on the homepage.

    Just a thought!

    Also, to the author, hope you understand that I’m not dogging your review, just making a comment about content. ;}

  2. Jené

    Ok! Yes! thank you…. All I have heard/read is bad mouthing about this collection and I actually found it quit enjoyable. I just blogged about it today because I am sad all I’m hearing is negative things.