The Lake and Stars S/S 12: Every piece felt sensual and beautiful


I don’t get too excited about lingerie unless it’s vintage and extremely old or it’s the sort that The Lake and Stars make.  Maayan Zilberman and Nikki Dekker seem to have a knack for making lingerie an evolved field, looking beyond fulfilling men’s wet dreams and actually making things that get women excited on an aesthetic level.  The burnished tones at the sultry presentation were derived from the duo’s trip to Mexico City where they sought to juxtapose 50s post-revolutionary Mexico with the present day.  I’m not sure how that actually played out in the collection but all I know is that every piece felt sensual and beautiful without being a cheesy cliché.  Kudos too for the one slightly bigger model who sold me her bra and panties set evne better than the smaller girls.






Photos by Nando M Alvarez

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