Professional Blogger Spotlight: Late Afternoon

Tell us a little about Late Afternoon?


I started Late Afternoon in my last year of college. It started as a hobby and a creative outlet and morphed into a whole new lifestyle.


How do you monetize Late Afternoon?


I work with a manager to help me secure and manage paid collaborations and projects. It's something new for me, but so far it's been going well. I've also been selling ad space on my blog almost since it's inception. Most importantly, I've been able to leverage my blog to start a successful career in fashion.


How has blogging effected your career?


Above all else, blogging has given me a career in fashion. I'm not just a blogger. I have a full time job as a marketing manager for two fashion e-comms and I freelance as a creative consultant.


What are you working on now?


Right now I have a lot of different projects going on, but not much I can talk about. Stay tuned!


What is the most important piece of advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?


Don't second guess yourself. Go for it and don't look back.


Liz, Late Afternoon

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12 Responses

  1. Amber

    She has great style, and I love her blog…But she really didn’t have much to offer in terms of an interview. I learned absolutely nothing about her.

  2. chrisbean

    is it really spotlighting this blogger if ifb doesn’t provide a link to her website? The photo alone piqued my interest enough to cut-paste-google, but I really should not have to.

  3. taylordavies

    Hi @chrisbean – that was an error! We of course want to link out to bloggers we choose to feature! Thanks for pointing that out. Best, Taylor

  4. vicki

    I love Liz from Late Afternoon but really didnt learn anything from this little interview. Maybe IFB could enlighten us how to work with manager like Liz says she does. I would love to have some help securing projects and collaborations but where the heck do you get a blog manager?! please help ifb!! x