Crystals & Crumpets

First of all I have to make my apologies for not getting this together earlier. With London Fashion Week and gearing up for the IFB site rebuild, and off and on internet connection, this post had to wait until I got back to New York.


It was wonderful to meet all the UK bloggers who came out to Crystals & Crumpets presented by IFB and SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED. It was like a long awaited reunion, only we all met online! Some bloggers like Ronke from the Musings of Ondo Lady had been a part of IFB from the very begining, and some of the bloggers have just started only a few months prior.


We all had lunch, and settled into a panel discussion with, Style Bubble Park and Cube, FrouFrouu , Signature 9 and BlogLovin’ about the ins and outs of blogging. How much work goes into a blog, Susie said it best, “a blog is like a baby, it needs to be fed and taken care of.” Which is true, not many blogs can be left to it's own devices without becoming unruly or emotionally unavailable. I particularly liked how the panelists all agreed that part of keeping your own voice is the ability to say no. That's something that I've personally struggled with over the years, being picky about what to engage with and what to walk away from. But hearing from the panelists that they have similar stories was particularly comforting.


We're really looking forward to hosting another event in London… stay tuned!

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8 Responses

  1. Lucy

    It was fantastic, thank you! Is there any way we can see more photos? I know there was a photographer there taking lots of everyone!

  2. Kb

    It was lovely to meet you! Such a shame I missed the beginning as I was at Bora Aksu but looking forward to future events!

  3. Sylvia

    That must have been really interesting. Next year Asia (Singapore?).
    Good news that you are redoing the site. Are you revamping the community area as well? I would love to get some better message boards…..

  4. Taylor - Dior

    It was such as awesome event, and something so great to attend after the first few shows @ LFW. Very inspiring! Can’t believe I’m on the IFB website !! 😀 I’m in the purple shirt dress & turban !

    Can’t wait for another IFB event ! x