Professional Blogger Spotlight: Saucy Glossie

Tell us a little about Saucy Glossie?

Saucy Glossie is a full time personal style blog that focuses on style on a real girl budget.  It's a log of what I'm wearing, how I'm inspired, and my tips on looking stylish without spending a fortune on your wardrobe.  I think it's more relatable to see how someone else is doing it and wearing it in real life rather than just reading about it or seeing flat images on a page.


How do you monetize Saucy Glossie?


I monetize through advertising on the blog but mostly through partnerships with brands.  I work hard to build and maintain relationships with brands that I love and feel authentic to me and it has been such a blast working with them creatively on new projects.  Everything that I'm doing right now relates back to my blog in some way, even if it is a TV hosting job or guest blogging for a brand.


How has blogging effected your career?

Well, now it is my career, but blogging ultimately gave me a platform to showcase my skills and talents, almost like an online portfolio.  It's been a place where I've grown, my style has grown, and my goals have shifted and I've been able to be more entrepreneurial.  Blogging allows you to build your own brand in a way and it's allowed me to achieve a lot of my goals through a very non-traditional but relevant pathway.


What are you working on now?

Right now I'm a spokesperson for TJ Maxx, which has always been a dream gig for me!  I'm in their TV commercial and there is also a web series running on their Facebook page and also on iVillage, Fabsugar, and Glam.  TV and video projects are my main focus right now so I have a few TV projects that I'm working on.  I'm also working on expanding my YouTube page and will keep building the blog and working with brands on hopefully a more long-term basis and partnership.


What is the most important piece of advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?


Have a point of view and stay true to who you are.  It's really all about being authentic.  Don't look at what everyone else is doing and try to copy that formula because it won't work for you or come across as “real”.  Everyone is different and we all have different styles, interests, and goals and that's what makes us all interesting to read about.


Many thanks to Lindsey Calla for this interview, check out Saucy Glossie!


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4 Responses

  1. Jack Disco Fashion Pollard

    I read your article on Professional Blogging with great interest and wonder how you get started in this field. Was it just a question of putting up a blog and start writing all the articles yourself or do you get other article writing collaborators involved. The other less interesting, but important aspect is getting your site ranking well in the search engines. Is this something you do yourself or leave for ‘experts’ to worry about?

  2. Courtney

    Ah, finally we know who the blogger is in those commercials. It’s so confusing and maybe Saucy Glossy can share why they didn’t include her blog name in the commercial.

  3. La Perle

    What a good interview! I really like her message and that she gave some good advice, some interviews have come across as allusive, but this was insightful and genuine. Thank you!