If You Wouldn’t Blog For Free, Then Why Blog For Money?

A few weeks ago, a personal friend (who doesn't blog) sent me an article, If you wouldn't do your job for free, the QUIT about finding a career that you're passionate about. She thought of me because of all the years I spent blogging without a single paycheck.


Now, I'm not saying that bloggers shouldn't get paid. I'm saying what is the competitive advantage for being so passionate about something you would do it for the love of doing it? You would do it with gratitude, gratitude for being fortunate enough to have the time and resources to do something. You would do it with the spirit of discovery. You would do it because you have fun doing it.


Think about what that means for blogging. Why blogging had taken off like it had, most of us don't get paid, but we have healthy blogs with an engaged audience. Our audience is engaged because we blog for the love of telling a story, and for the love of sharing with the community, and they see that. We put our hearts into our blogs without knowing exactly what would come out of it, some would call that love without abandon.


Putting love into our blogs is what makes the medium so human.


Can you do that and get paid? Yes of course. But as social media is so time consuming, so demanding of our resources that it would take real passion to push it to the next level. You have to really love something to put everything you have into it, and that love is really the thing that will set you apart from anyone else.


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  1. Jmoon715

    This is so very true, I love writing and when I mean writing I mean writing about anything, feelings, products, people, fashion I can go on and on. I believe the passion a person has for the work put into there blog or job is more satisfying then a paycheck even though it would be a extra bonus which to me thats exactly what getting paid to blog would stand for to me an added bonus!

  2. Anne

    What I don’t like is when I see people like Vogue Italia’s editor in chief, Franca Sozzani, try to take advantage of bloggers by asking them to guest blog without offering any monetary compensation. Bloggers should be paid the same fee a freelance magazine writer is paid for guest blogging.

  3. Fajr

    I think the main point is that you have to have true passion for something to sustain it through the years without a dime. There is a wise quote that says “Do what you love and the money will follow” I think it’s great that bloggers who work hard are turning their blogs into businesses, good for them. But first they started with passion and that’s what matters.

  4. MJ

    Amen to that! You have to be passionate if you plan on being in the blogging game for an extended period of time. You can’t get into blogging purely for the money because you will be sorely disappointed. Besides, many entrepreneurs (which is what pro bloggers are) start off doing something they loved (and were doing for free) before turning that passion into a career.

  5. Daniel Dunt

    I think that if you have a passion for something and do it well (e.g. engage your audience on a regular basis, etc) then the paycheck will come eventually; I mean, I’ve just began getting emails from PR companies and businesses frequently who want to publish sponsored posts and then other who want to buy your typical logo or text sidebar advertisement; it’s a sort of ‘perk’ and means that yes, I will be able to buy that sweater I’ve been wanting for ages, but it’s not something I expect regularly.

    Blogging for me is simply enjoyment; I enjoy writing and in particularly writing about independent and newcomer brands. That thrill you get when you see a ‘thank you!’ email pop up in your inbox is better than a paycheck, as it makes me feel fantastic. I’ve also recently released a concept where my readers can submit articles, blog posts, photographs, poems, blurbs, questions (etc) and interact with each other. It’s not just a blog, it’s sort of like a community, and I really enjoy it; paycheck or no paycheck. – Daniel


  6. Maria

    I am an engineer by profession but a blogger by heart! I just started my blog about being in-between sizes (petite and regular) and looking for tips and tricks that will fit and flatter. I started my blog because I am really passionate about finding what fits me best and my desire to share it with others in the same situation as me. I’ve never considered blogging as my source of income but a source of release and inspiration. After a long day at work, all I want to do is sit down, share pretty pictures and be lost in the blog universe!

  7. Letitia

    This is so true! I started my Australian lingerie blog to do something with my passion, want and need for lingerie and to be surrounded by it. There are so many insightful and amazing blogs online and only a small percentage of them get paid to do what they love. Since working for nothing on my blog it actually opened more opportunities for me to develop this passion. Now I’m selling amazing international lingerie brands online to the Australian market and loving it. If you’re passionate and simple love something, spending loads of time on it doesn’t feel like work and opportunities open up as you continue along the path.

  8. kavery

    I think non-bloggers might find it hard to understand why we blog. But the truth is a lot of us never started blogging to make money but to engage (I love that word!) and communicate with a larger audience than we’d meet in real life.

  9. Diane

    Great post! I am a 6th grade teacher by day and blogger by night. I love both!
    I love to share my knowledge in both fields. One is a paycheck and the other is a venue that allows me to share my love for fashion. If it leads to other opportunities,then great and it has,which is cool. But I blog for the love of it and I think that’s why we are all successful! Like Daniel said,that thank you or that comment or people taking your advice,well that is the BEST!!! Keep up the good work my fellow bloggers!

  10. Niamh

    Just left a “good pensionable” job to focus on a start up related to the blogging community,so this is a most welcome message, I must show it to my much concerned mother!

  11. Emily Ulrich

    I really like the viewpoint here. Blogging to me should be an expression of oneself, and if you can’t be passionate about it then what are you doing putting the time into it? Photography is such an important part of my life and my family, as well as writing and creativity. Blogging is perfect for me because it just comes naturally; it’s something I can enjoy doing in various mediums. And in all honesty, it gives me a strong sense of gratification just getting out my opinions. I really don’t even care how many people see it, that’s not what blogging is for me. If I never got paid, I think I’d be okay with that. The fun is in the journey, right?

  12. AnikaLovelace

    I totally agree with you and everyone else here!!! Okay, I am a ~baby blogger~, but I started doing it as a hobby, NOT AS A JOB , and finding the career opportunity with blogging is very risk taking! Okay, we all can put ad-sence app, or find sponsors and earn some money but not as a professionals, unless if everybody click on the app every time they visit the page. For me personally it’s simply not the point of it. I have my own life, I’m studying, doing something, but in free time I like to put the trigger on my camera to document what I wore that day, put it on my blog, write something about it so blogging is just a little “spicing up” my life. Plus I also can do another hobby – photography. And when I started, I definitely wasn’t looking for getting paid. Although, I thing that sometimes some designer are using bloggers to promoting themselves and giving nothing in return, but then at least some give-aways can work.

  13. kimmiepooh

    I started my blog as a creative outlet. The fashion industry here is sma-a-a-all and I needed to find a way to express my thoughts. I’d blogged prior to launching my fashion one but this one is really, truly my baby. I’m always thinking about it, wondering what I can do to make it better, more interesting to my reader-I do it for free and LOVE IT.

    I’ve just started getting contacted by PR firms and affiliate programs these last 3 months and it’s been awesome, however, I could never see myself with a full column of ads or anything like that.

    Would I like to monetize it, and work on other projects because of it? Hell yeah! But am I ok with writing it without those perks? Yes.

    The blog represents something bigger to me.

  14. Vogue & Vintage

    Well written and so true! I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and only 2 years ago started receiving “compensation. Yet and still 80% of what I do is for free and because I love it!