IFB Project #15: Make a Video Tutorial

It's that time of the week again. ‘Tis my pleasure to bring you a brand spanking new IFB Project!


I've noticed recently in the IFB community (and the blogging community in general) that there are more and more people tapping into video (Vlogging). Some bloggers seem to test the waters by putting up a video occasionally, which I think is great. Spread your wings and expand your horizons is my motto. If you think you can be good at blogging and vlogging, why not? They both go hand in hand. I myself have experimented with videos in the past and plan to do it more when I find the time. All of this chit chat brings me to this….


IFB Project #15: Make a Video Tutorial

Below you can see a quick video I've made providing you with some tips on how to make your own video tutorial. I'm not perfect myself and could still brush up on a thing or two, but as the community we are, we all learn from each other.

The Project: Make your own video tutorial. Whether it be beauty, DIY project or anything you want to teach. Have fun with it! Practice makes perfect.


Don't forget to drop your link in the submission box! We'll do a recap on Wednesday at 3p.m. EST.


Looking forward to seeing you all in action.

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  1. Elizabeth

    @Plami: I have that on my agenda as well, but am having the same problem! Also the fact that talking in front on a camera is much more intimidating than typing behind the screen. Haha.