IFB Project #15 Roundup: Make a Video Tutorial



Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's IFB project! I enjoyed watching all the videos and seeing how you're all so different. It was nice to learn some new stuff too.  It's pretty awesome to observe more people getting into video because I personally think it's going to play an important part in the blogosphere.


To be quite honest though…


We got a lot less entries than we did on most of our previous projects which leads me to wonder… Are you not ready to both blog and vlog yet? As community manager, I'm just trying to grasp an understanding of how you all feel on the subject. I'm not sure if more people didn't enter because editing a video can take time, or if you didn't enter simply because you're timid and don't feel comfortable in front of the camera yet. I'd appreciate any feedback!


IFB Project #15 Roundup: Make a Video Tutorial




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  1. Wendy

    To answer some of your questions Nubia,
    Even though I did post a video tutorial, it took a long time to decide on what it should actually be about. For days I was searching for inspiration and trying to figure something I know how to do that others would like to learn or at least watch. I’m not timid in front of the camera, so that’s not an issue. This was my first time using both windows movie player and uploading to youtube. It took a few hours to produce the video and work out the editing process, but it was worth it! Honestly this project was so much fun. I encourage everybody to give it a try!

  2. Samar

    Hey Nubia to answer your q I am one of those people who isn’t yet ready to venture into vlogging. Not sure what I would vlog about at this point and given the time constraints of entering the IFB project I admit that deterred me further but that’s just me. I do think vloging is a worthwhile medium as I am enjoying watching all the vids everyone made because I know it’s no easy task. So big ups to everyone who did! Overall I think this was a great challenge to present!

  3. Misses Dressy

    I think video tutorials are great but they can take a lot of time to prepare. Beyond needing to own the right equipment and software, you have to have the time to script and edit etc. So maybe this turns people off a little for now, seeing as it’s so easy to add simple photos to any site.

    That said a youtube account is easy to come by and I’m sure there’s a video based tumblr just around the corner!

    I love video tips so for those who do make them – Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. Anna

    As someone who is afraid of public speaking (especially people I don’t know)I’m sure it will be very very hard to decide on making a vlog. It was already a big decision for me to do outfit posts!!

  5. Samantha

    I haven’t been taking part in every IFB Project, but this one, I passed over immediately because I didn’t think I could get a video scripted, shot, and edited in a week, especially without a topic already in mind. Also, I’ve never used video on my blog before, and I’ve never done a tutorial. So making a video tutorial was two new ideas for me, and I didn’t want the first time I tried it to be rushed.

  6. Kasidy

    I’ve been thinking about getting into video blogging. I think what gives people pause is the amount of preparation and post-work involved. It is a valuable tool, you just have to know the right way to put together a quality product.

  7. Courtney

    I do both YouTube and Blogging though the latter much more than the former. I think maybe if you had made it more broad and asked us to do a tutorial and a video or a blog post that may have made people more inclined to do it.

    Videos do take a long time, so if people aren’t used to making them it can be daunting.

  8. Esha A

    I would love to Vlog, but I’m so self conscious and super shy in front of the camera! I’ve had stage fright all my life. Oh well, maybe someday I’ll grow a pair and get over it. 🙂 xx