IFB Project #16: Morning Makeup Routine

Photo via Valette


If you ever meet me and we spend a few days together, you would quickly find out I am NOT a morning person. I wish I was, seriously. I'm so jealous of those people who wake up singing and skip out of their homes with an ear to ear smile… I wish that was me. I literally have to drag myself out of bed. It's actually funny stuff to witness. I wake up feeling like a raccoon because of my dark eye circles and I feel rather pale.  After I brush my teeth and wash my face, my morning makeup routine is essential! I don't wear much makeup in the morning but some simple items such a moisturizer, concealer, mascara, and lip balm are a must. I like to walk out the door looking like I'm alive. I usually welcome the real world after about an hour or 2 of being awake.


IFB Project #16: Morning Makeup Routine


What are your must have items for your morning makeup routines? What products so you use? Do you have any tips or tricks you can share? Let us know!


The deadline for this project is Tuesday at 12 a.m. EST. I look forward to seeing your entries and hearing about your morning.

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  1. BresBaubles

    I loved this post and the idea to submit as well. I am a full make up kinda girl in the morning. I HATE morning’s and need my coffee, speace and online time to fully comprehend my surroundings!

  2. Em

    Cool post idea! I’m not really a morning make-up person, I just get up and go, but I love playing with different looks when I go out to dinner with friends, or out to other events. I’m thinking a video tutorial for this one!

  3. Elizabeth

    I don’t even go to the grocery store with out using these make-up essentials:
    concealor, full coverage pressed powder, blush, lip liner, brow pencils, eye liner, waterproof mascara and lipstick.
    For special events I start with liquid foundation. All products are from Mary Kay except the Dual Finish powder from Lancome.

  4. Kaitlin

    I always make sure to use a good primer!! My makeup stays on ALL DAY that way without any shine or extra touch-ups! I also make sure to have a really great mascara and moisturizer!


    • Nuria


      I like this serum Diorskin Nude Air Serum De Teint 020 Beige Clair, its fresh leaves my skin ready for the whole day!

  5. Raghda

    I hope I get my new camera charger soon, I realllly want to film this!
    My main objective in the morning is concealing under eye circles. (Lol honestly concealing under eye circles is more like my obsession) After that I throw some translucent powder on my t-zone, add lipstick and winged eyeliner. done. If I’m feeling really “blah”, I just smudge on some black pencil and crawl out of the house. 😛 I’m not much of a morning person either.

    -Raghda of Styleground

  6. blahblahbecky.co.uk

    I actually posted something along these lines a while ago, am I allowed to submit an old post?

    I will do now but if that’s not allowed please discount it (and sorry!)!