IFB Project Roundup #16: Morning Makeup Routine

Thanks to all of you who entered the IFB project this week. It was surely interesting to read about how you're half asleep in the morning and then transform! (ha ha I'm kidding.)  Anyhow, it was neat to read about all the products you use and why you use them. I've never been very responsible with using beauty products that are supposed to be good for my skin. I always thought I was lucky to have decent skin. I didn't start using moisturizer until this year! I'm in my 20's now so I'm starting to use eye cream and all that good stuff to take care of my skin so it can look radiant in the future.


However morning makeup is a challenge at times. When I'm running out the door, it's concealer, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm. If I wake up a bit early, I try to get more creative. So here we go!


IFB Project Roundup #16: Morning Makeup Routine

  1. The Morning Makeup Routine: So many good products and why they're being used. Check it out.
  2. My First Video: Morning Makeup Routine: Check out this young lady's first video ever explaining her morning makeup! So informative!
  3. Make Up Tutorial: Rutina de Maquillaje!: This blogger had a rather beautiful way of showing her morning makeup routine. Interesting and unique.
  4. Morning Makeup Routine: The Essentials: This lady barely functions in the morning! However, she's still able to share her basic morning makeup routine step by step.
  5. Morning Makeup Routine: From Hideous to Pin Up: This is such a transformation. Very pretty pinup look. Learn how (click, click)
  6. My Beauty Routine: This morning makeup routine is pretty and easy. Effortlessly cool.
  7. My Morning Make-Up Routine (IFB Project): “I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I’m not a fanatic make up person.”
  8. My Morning Makeup Routine: “Now, this subject is probably a little more personal for me than most women simply due to the fact that I have had severe skin issues ever since I became a teenager.”
  9. Morning Calls: This lovely lady doesn't care if she uses the same products every morning… She's enjoying them.
  10. “It’s all make believe, isn’t it?”: This blogger makes a good point about how it's OK to show some flaws.


There are more fantastic and informative posts you should check out. Make sure to peep all the entries from this week's project  HERE.


*Tune in Friday at 3 p.m. EST for the next fun project!*



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