IFB Project #17 Roundup: Channel your Inner Superhero


It's that time of the week! The IFB Project Roundup for “Channel Your Inner Superhero”. I think we all have a bit of super in us. Seriously, if you believe it, it's there. I just spent 4 days last week at the New York Comic Con convention and believe me, I saw heroes all over the place. Your confidence makes you super and your ability to transmit that energy onto others makes you a true hero in my eyes.


Whether you were channeling a super blogger or channeling the super woman that you really are in general, all of the submissions were interesting and I enjoyed all of them and learning about what your super abilities are. Here we go, check out this week's lucky 7.


IFB Project # 17 Roundup: Channel your Inner Superhero:


  1. New York Comic Con: Day 3 and 4 outfits: I decided to enter this week since I was at the comic convention. Check out my super outfits and read a bit about my experience.
  2. If I were a Superhero…: This lady's outfit kicks butt! I'm also very much enjoying this pose… It screams power and authority. She's a busy woman.
  3. My Fashion Challenge: Superhero!: Meet Ms. Glamourosu. Her earrings scream Flash!
  4. My Inner Superhero Has a Southern Accent: This lady right here channels one of my personal favorites, Rouge from the X men. She did such an amazing job (click, click)
  5. Channel Your Inner Blog Hero: Find out why this blogger channeled her inner Jedi.
  6. SUPERCHEAPO – 5 transition outfit for less than £30!: Meet SuperCheapo. Learn about her abilities to look fantastic on a budget.
  7. I Love Thor, And That's All That Matters: This blogger breaks down everything you need to channel your inner God of Thunder.


Thanks to all who participated. Be sure to check out everyone's submission HERE


Friday at 3 p.m. EST I will have a new project for you. Feel free to comment with any suggestion you think would be a fun IFB project and I'll take it into consideration.



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  1. Aly

    Thank you so much for featuring my posts AND photographs the last two projects. I’m a generally new blogger and these are great projects, so fun! I’m hooked on IFB projects for life!

    -Aly @ The Rose Alley