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This week's Pro Blogger Spotlight shines on one of my all-time favorite personal style blogs. Atlantic-Pacific, run by Blair Eadie, is pure eye-candy for any style enthusiast. She has a genius-level understanding of proportions, color, and layering, which translates to fresh and inspirational looks that illustrate her ability to shop her own closet to create new outfits. That old adage that a picture is worth 1,000 words applies rather perfectly to Blair's site, as she lets her outfit photos do most of the talking. Blair's tightly honed content and natural flair for mixing high-and-low have earned her a serious following and numerous press features and brand projects. I caught up with Blair recently to find out a little more about the girl behind the Karen Walker shades…


Tell us a little about Atlantic-Pacific…


Atlantic-Pacific is a personal style blog that chronicles my daily outfits while I am running around the beautiful city of San Francisco.  I work in retail and I was constantly looking to style blogs for inspiration, and finally got the urge to start one myself.  If you visit my blog you will see it is very straightforward with little to no copy – just focused on what I am wearing!


How has blogging effected your career?


Blogging has helped me to become more inspired than ever, which is so important for working in retail.  I have not only pushed my own sense of fashion and style, but the blog has also helped me to look at fashion and trends in totally new and different ways.  Atlantic-Pacific has also allowed me to meet some amazingly creative people who I hope to always know and even work with someday.


What's the most important advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?


I think it is important to find your own voice, stay authentic and do it because you love it.  I would also tell bloggers to be patient.  It takes time and effort to finally get your blog to the place you want it to be.  For me it was countless hours of writing code to tweak my layout, googling photography tips and tricks to perfect my photos and even just taking time to really decide what the ideal aesthetic would be.  It won’t all come together overnight, so you have to continue working on it everyday.  My blog is a work in progress and I don’t think it will ever be perfect, but I try a little each day to think about how to improve it and help it grow.


You can follow Blair on Twitter here, and like Atlantic-Pacific on Facebook here.


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  1. Alicia

    Great feature on Blair – Taylor! She’s such a sweetheart and one of the most inspiring fashion bloggers!