Awesome (& Free) Fonts & Brushes for Your Photo Editing

When I'm editing photos, creating compilations of products, or just want to zazz up my images, I LOVE using fun fonts and bad-ass brushes.  Some of the best ones can cost money (I'm REALLY crushing on the Univers font right now), but there are loads of free resources online.   For a list of great free photo editing software, check out this post: The Best Free Photo Editing Software for Bloggers.


And because I believe in being honest: I'm not above recommending the great lists that others put together with free resources!


Free Fabulous Fonts:

Having great fonts at your disposal is so necessary– almost everyone recognizes Comic Sans, Lucinda, and the other popular fonts that come pre-installed on your computer.

  • dafont – This is my #1 go to for free fonts.  I love the options, and how there are literally thousands to choose from.  Each time I visit, I end up downloading dozens of fonts.  Fonts are broken down in to files for the PC and Mac; you just pop them in to the Fonts folder on your computer, boot up your editing software and they work!
  • 1001 Free Fonts: You'll find a bunch of duplicates from dafont, but a few new & unfamiliar ones.  They also offer an option to buy 10,000 fonts for $19.95– an awesome price if you're too lazy to shift through pages and pages of fonts looking for good ones to download (and they're all commercially licensed, too, so you can use them on products you make a profit on).
  • Smashing Magazine: 25 New High Quality Free Fonts.
  • Unstage: 70+ of the Best Free Fonts for Designers.
  • Designer Terminal: 50 Best Free Fonts Having Commercial Use License.


Free Badass Brushes:

Brushes are an awesome way to add details to your images: arrows pointing to specific information, extra bursts of light coming from behind you, or make your image look like it's from a format it's not (polaroid pictures, anyone?).


Fonts and brushes are just the beginning in ways that you can expand how you customize your blog's images.  There are also textures, patterns– the sky is the limit!


What are your favorite resources for extras?  Do you have a favorite font, brush, or texture that you love?


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  1. Courtney

    I knew about dafont, but I didn’t know about the brush sites. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to add some new brushes to GIMP ASAP!

  2. lisa

    Whoa, such a great resource post–I hadn’t even considered looking online for brushes and fonts. Will have to search for Gimp options!

  3. Thefatandskinny

    This post is great. I just found out about these resources last year, and I can’t tell you al how much I wished I found them sooner .

  4. Raeshelle

    brushes! i’m so glad you posted sites where to find them! you’re fabulous! keep it up!

    glitteringly and positively, raeshelle!

  5. Erin

    Awesome post! I’m turning into a typography freak as the years go by. It’s insane how they can jazz up a picture! Awesome tips on the brushes too!

  6. dezebo

    This post is great. I just found out about these resources last year, and I can’t tell you al how much I wished I found them sooner .