What the iPhone 4S can do for Fashion Bloggers

Were you one of the people anxiously waiting for the iPhone5, and was incredibly let down when they came out with the iPhone 4S? I know I was.


The truth was, I left my iPhone3s in the back of a cab in London, and was going between which I hated more, the Android or the Windows phone. So I had to get the new iPhone4S when itΒ  came out, and was generally surprised on the cool new features it has.



By now you have heard of Siri, she's the voice activated robot that lives on your phone. She's handy, but to tell the truth, I don't use her much. What I do use on the other hand is the voice tools. You can actually tell Siri to text one of your contacts (and if you set up one of your contacts as Twitter, you can tell Siri to Tweet.) I have found this voice texting amazing for times like running down the street or talking and trying to take notes.



While if you start talking MEGAPIXELS to me, I'll start talking ZZZZZZZ. In other words, tech specs make me fall asleep. However, I do understand that the new phones have great image quality, and can take photos in low light. I work in a windowless office, and was still able to take a halfway decent photo of my shoes. The flash, while still harsh, is pretty decently powered. Apps like Instagram, really help to zazz up the depressing undertones of mobile phone pics, but all in all, I'd say they have really made a step up.



Mobile video has been on the up and up for a while now. The new iPhone4S now makes video in 1080p which is HD quality, and will upload video straight from your iPhone to your Youtube Channel. It really take seconds. I just did this 5 minutes before posting:


There are also great apps you can use to help edit. While mobile video apps deserves a post in it of itself, Videolicious really enables you to produce beautifully edited videos by walking you through a process. Great for attending events, like when I went to the Tory Burch preview, with my phone, I was able to make an edited video right on location.


This is a game changer in terms of making it easy to film, produce and share video work, and will be interesting to see how fashion bloggers latch onto the iPhone given it's power to help produce quality content on the go.


Back in the day, I used to marvel at how tech bloggers could live blog, as fashion needs a lot more care in it's photographic voice and in tone, but the iPhone is certainly making strides to enabling fashion bloggers to tell their visual stories in real time.

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  1. Misses Dressy

    I love the SIRI app – she’s also pretty good if you pass by a shop and just love something, maybe want to buy it but the shop is closed, or even pass by a display you want to take a picture of, you can tell her to “remind me when i’m here next”…. so when you walk past there again and have forgotten that you needed to take a pic – she will prompt you πŸ˜‰

  2. Joy

    I got an iPhone 4 earlier in the year. Apart from Siri and the camera quality is there any other difference ?

  3. Alex

    I’m an Android user and I love my phone but the iPhone 4S has some awesome features! I wish I had SIRI πŸ™‚

  4. zingi nj

    I’m #TeamBlackberry & to be quite honest, it is an inconvenience to have an app that runs on such lows when it comes to fashion apps! .. My attention was drawn to the iPhone when I first heard of Style Book & that drove me CRAZY.. I’m still daydreaming of the day I get my iPhone & hopefully it’s in South Africa VERY soon

  5. Mai

    I just bought the iPhone 4 a few months ago since I wanted to get the unlimited data plan before Verizon switched over. Since I already spent $200 on my phone (and now it’s only $100, boo), I guess I’ll wait until next year to buy the next big iPhone :X! I’m super jealous though.

  6. Jen

    its official… im getting the 4s after reading this…. was just going to get the 4 since it was hella cheaper but you made my decision for me. Thanks for this!


  7. Alterations Needed

    This is more of an ios 5 upgrade feature than an iphone 4s feature, but if your iPhone is operating on iOS 5, you can plug in your headphones, and release the camera shutter by pressing the (+) side of the volume control! It’s just like a mini DSLR remote for your iPhone! Once I figure out a good way to mount my phone without toppling over, I expect to use this for impromptu outfit shots. πŸ™‚

  8. Camille

    I am an avid iphone user. I still have my first generation iphone. I’m really looking forward to getting the iphone 4s now. Thanks for the amazing review.

  9. Colleen Russell

    Since the Siri is your personal virtual assistant, fashion bloggers might get their work done easily. I can’t wait to get my Siri and see how it really works.

  10. Bri

    I’m picking up my 4s tomorrow and after reading this I’m even more excited! Thanks for sharing all this information!

  11. Fashion Insider - Daniel

    So true. We used it quite often for videos from PR events. Just in more darker environment like beeing at fashion shows it really does not work so well.
    Its also great to record voice interviews.


  12. Cynthia

    I have one year left on my Blackberry (boo to three year contracts up here in Canada) and it is dying a slow and agonizing death…I have to do battery pulls and my two Twitter apps plus Tumblr, Facebook and HootSuite just about kill the device… πŸ™